Lorraine Kelly flirts with Craig David saying ‘if I was 30 years younger’

Lorraine Kelly has made no secret of the fact that she loves singer Craig David, as she proved once again this morning as she giggled and flirted during an interview with the star.

When Craig appeared in the studio on the early morning ITV show, Lorraine, 61, couldn’t hide her excitement as the pair began to discuss Craig’s new single with singer songwriter MNEK.

And after Craig, 40, showered the breakfast host in compliments, telling her that he “loves her” and thanking her for ongoing support, Lorraine turned on the charm.

She giggled as she told Craig and viewers watching at home: “Craig David, you’re fabulous. If I was thirty years younger!”

The flirty interaction didn’t go unnoticed with fans of the show, as they took to social media to comment on their chat.

One said: ‘#Lorraine Stop flirting with Craig David.’ Another added: ‘Craig David and Lorraine is just really good morning telly.’

Earlier in their conversation, Craig had also heaped praise on the Scottish star, explaining that he would be forever grateful that Lorraine has been such a cheerleader for him during his two-decade career.

Craig said: “When you go out of the spotlight, you really see people who care about you.”

He continued: “You’ve been that throughout the course of my twenty one years, Lorraine. I love you for that.”

And his comments went down a storm with Lorraine as the camera cut to show that she was beaming, as she replied: “Right back at you!”

This isn’t the first time that Lorraine and Craig have caught viewers’ attention. Over the years, he’s regularly been a star guest and has even surprised the TV presenter on her birthday.

Back in 2017, Craig walked into the studio and hugged Lorraine as he he told her: “Happy Birthday. I am so happy to be here!"

He continued: "We put everything aside when we found out it was your birthday.”

Craig then went on to say: “To be here, on your birthday, live on TV with you. It’s amazing!”

The hitmaker also compared Lorraine to Benjamin Button and told her she was “stunning” and that she never aged.

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