Love Islands Dami attempts to win Indiyah back as he reflects on feelings

Love Island have released the first look for Sunday night's explosive show, amid the fallout from the dramatic recoupling.

After hearing Coco Lodge tell her that Andrew Le Page was "licking her tits", Tasha decides to give Andrew his ring back.

Going over to the boys in the morning, she gives the ring to Luca and says: "I don’t want to give it back to him."

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But Andrew and Tasha have a chat soon after, with him apologising to her for not telling her everything that went down with the new girl Coco.

Elsewhere in the villa, Dami Hope sits down for a chat with Indiyah Polack to express how he is feeling.

Chatting with his ex-love interest, he says: "It was always gonna be you for me.

"Even when you left and stuff, it was always gonna be you.

"There was a possible connection there with Summer but I don’t feel like the way I feel like when we’re together.

"It’s incomparable to what I feel we have.

"I feel like it is with you, and if it’s not gonna be with you it is what it is but I don’t feel like anyone else could come in and they’ll change the way I feel about you."

Jacques O'Neill and Paige Thorne are another couple who are on the rocks.

On a mission to get her back, Jacques makes a plan and writes her a note and leaves it on her bed.

He uses lipstick and writes "Miss you honey Bunz xx" on a piece of kitchen roll.

Paige finds it when she gets in bed, and after she reads it, Jacques tells her: "I’ve literally wanted to tell you all day that I’ve been missing you."

As well as all of this drama, Josh Samuel Le Grove pulls Danica Taylor for a chat to tell her how he's feeling about their coupling.

Letting her know what he's thinking he tells her that he doesn't think that the "spark for it to go to the next level is there at this present moment".

Danica is clearly upset and responds: "I think for me, in Casa, I definitely thought there was something there.

"I feel like the momentum was lost when we came here, which I’m not gonna lie is upsetting because I really do think we matched quite well and we were actually getting on in Casa."

She then asks him what they should do next – and his answer will be revealed in tonight's episode.

Ekin-Su gets a text and gathers the islanders around the firepit for them all to find out that the general public have been voting for their favourite couple.

As the islanders await the news of who will be safe, and who is at risk of being dumped from the island.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub


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