Love Island’s Laura Anderson poses completely naked in Dubai but fans fear she’ll get arrested – The Sun

LOVE Island star Laura Anderson stripped off completely naked for her latest Instagram post.

The 30-year-old wowed as she shared the image of herself sitting on the edge of a pool in Dubai – but some fans are concerned she’ll get arrested for her nudity.

In the shot, which she captioned ‘privacy is key’, Laura is seen facing outwards towards the city with her arms thrown in the air and her bare bottom on show.

Due to the religious nature of Dubai, nudity is frowned upon and topless sunbathing, for example, is considered public indecency and could lead to arrest.

Her fans have been quick to question if it is wise posing like that considering the laws of the country.

One person wrote: “I’m pretty sure you can get arrested for nudity snaps online in Dubai.”

A second added: “Nudity in Dubai ? That’s so disrespectful and haram. You can get arrested for this!”

While a third wrote: “You can get arrested for that much crack.”

Laura did however live in Dubai for many years so no doubt knows the rules surrounding nudity.

The star – who rose to fame on the dating show in 2018 – flew out to Dubai earlier this week but admitted she was concerned amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at the airport, she said: “I'm at the airport but wishing I wasn't here.

“How are hospitals going to cope which such a high volume of cases, whether or not the UK is going to be like Italy soon… it's just scary isn't it. I wish there was more information about we could do rather than wash hands.

“The reason I am not wearing a mask, reading up on it, it doesn't do anything unless you've got it and it prevents you from giving it to anyone else.

“It's hand washing that I am doing, I wish there was something else… what can you do, other than not travel obviously, but it is everywhere.”

She added: “People are saying don't travel today, it's a pandemic. I don't know, I feel like I can't do anything right at the minute.”

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