Love Island's Wes Nelson splashes £145k on flashy new Mercedes after chart success

LOVE Island star Wes Nelson has taken to social media to proudly show off his flashy new Mercedes-AMG G63.

The 23-year-old reality star splashed £145k on the impressive electric blue motor following his chart success.

Showing off the car on Instagram, Wes shared a series of snaps as he visited a luxury dealership in London.

The former villa star appeared delighted with the electric blue motor while picking up the keys.

Wes shared a video of the vehicle, which retails from £143,305, before showing followers what it looked like inside.

Posting a video of the red interiors, he said: "I told EXACTLY what I wanted and they made it happen. (Not an ad) just mad impressive."

The star also thanked the car dealership for the jaw-dropping motor.

Wes' music career has gone from strength to strength following his debut hit See Nobody with Hardy Caprio.

At the time, the song peaked at No3 in the charts.

He also previously performed a set on Top Of The Pops, becoming the first Love Islander to appear on the show.

Meanwhile, speaking on the Daze podcast, Wes admitted he avoided music at school because he was too shy to show his talent.

He said: "I wasn’t confident enough then. I used to envy the music class, seeing them playing and singing, and wished I could do it. I was too scared to get judged.

"If I could go back now and do it, I would.

"The first time I sang outside my shower, in front of my parents, or anyone, was on The X Factor: Celebrity [last year] in front of millions. That threw me in the deep end."

Furthermore, Wes previously explained to The Sun that he's not only secured his own financial future but those of any children he has too.

Last year, he shared: "I was a millionaire by the age of 21. And that’s not being a show off or anything, but it’s wise investments and understanding this life doesn’t last forever.

"I’ve been lucky to have so many shows under my belt, and I’m super grateful for that.

"I have a passive income and generational wealth, so my children, whenever they come about, they’re not going to have to work again. I don’t have to work again."

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