Lucifer blunder: Eve exposed a major spelling error in season four – did you spot it?

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Fans were introduced to Lucifer’s first love Eve when the popular fantasy series was brought over to Netflix for a fourth season. Now available to stream worldwide, an unfortunate spelling error was spotted when one perceptive fan rewatched last year’s thrilling instalment.


After just three seasons on original network Fox, Lucifer was originally cancelled and pulled from the airwaves.

Thankfully, streaming platform Netflix came to the rescue and picked up the series for a fourth season, released in 2019.

The ten-episode follow-up was hailed as Lucifer’s best entry yet, which was somehow topped by the arrival of the first half of season five earlier this year.

In season four, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) is warned of a horrifying prophecy which foretells the end of the world upon the devil meeting his first love.

Father Kinley’s (Graham McTavish) sinister warning was made even more ominous with the arrival of Eve (Inbar Lavi), the devil’s first love from the Garden of Eden.

Eve quickly became a fan favourite for ‘Lucifans’, but departed after the season four finale; though not before breaking the heart of Lucifer’s best friend, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

Before admitting his love to detective partner Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Lucifer and Eve hit it off and decide to reforge their relationship.

Unfortunately, this meant the slightly naive and over-enthusiastic ‘Original Sinner’ took Lucifer’s new job as a police consultant to heart and tried her best to assist in their cases.

In episode seven, Devil Is as Devil Does, the case opens with Eve assessing a number of wanted posters for potential suspects.

Although most fans would have missed the error the first time round, one fan took to online forums when they noticed a distracting spelling mistake on one of the posters.

They said: “On Earl D. Bolden Jr.’s wanted poster, it says ‘if you see this man NO NOT approach…’ It should say ‘DO NOT’.”

Suspicious character Earl D. Bolden Jr. didn’t end up being the right lead, but should be considered a dangerous individual nevertheless.

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Unfortunately, the message was potentially confusing thanks to this egregious spelling error.

As much of Lucifer takes place in the LAPD precinct, there are plenty of hidden posters and easter eggs to be found in one of the series’ most detailed sets.

Lucifer’s most enthusiastic fans may have also spotted an interesting detail hidden within the names on some of the wanted posters.

As one fan spotted: “When Eve is looking at the wanted posters, some of the names on the posters are Anita Brown, Eddie Beasley, and John Ailetcher.”

“Beasley was a prop assistant, Brown was a set costumer, and Ailetcher was a production sound mixer on Lucifer.”

However, rather than simply being spotted in the background of a scene, Bolden Jr.’s haphazard poster fills up the whole frame right after the episode’s title card.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that this particular fan couldn’t help but spot the distracting spelling blunder in the corner of the poster.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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