Lucifer season 5 theories: Mazikeen and Eve to rule over hell?

Although the Fox series was picked up by Netflix for two additional seasons, fans have a lengthy wait ahead of them as production of Lucifer has been stalled by the coronavirus pandemic. However, that hasn’t stopped them from taking their anticipation online to discuss the latest news and theories.

When fans last left the fantasy crime drama, it seemed that the much discussed prophecy had come true, with Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) kissing Chloe (Lauren German) before reclaiming his throne in the underworld.

The action of season five is expected to delve deep into the dark realm’s nine circles, with fans already speculating some major deaths and resurrections to occur in the opening episodes.

Although Lucifer seems pretty comfortable on his new throne, some eagle-eyed viewers have proposed the series could introduce a challenger to his rule over hell. 

Much like Netflix’s other dark series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the new season could feature an epic battle for the throne between Lucifer and other hellish denizens.


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One fan took to Reddit as they spotted an intriguing Instagram post from one of the series’ most high profile stars.

Redditor Draco_Swift said: “On March 6th Lesley-Ann Brandt posted a picture to Instagram of her wearing very intricate bone-armor looking garments, with the caption ‘Yaaaaas Queen’.”

Lesley-Ann was introduced as Mazikeen in the very first episode and has remained at Lucifer’s side every since. 

Originally the demon servant of Lucifer, assissting in his daily routine for millenia in their underworld domain, since starting their new life on Earth she worked in his Los Angeles nightclub for a stint before joining the LAPD as a bounty hunter.

“Yas Queen” could definitely just be an indication of how excited the actress is for the new season, but this inquisitive fan suggests there could be another layer to her post.

In the post they previously said: “In my recent rewatch I noticed something in Season 4.

“When Amenadiel and Eve were talking in 4×05, he asks her ‘Did you not even consider, that after rejecting heaven, you may not be allowed back in?’ She replies with ‘Why would I want to go back to that boring place?’”

For almost everyone, Hell is a bleak pace of drudgery and torture, but this theory suggests season five could introduce new leadership to clean the place up a bit.

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Eve (Inbar Levi) is, of course, one of the first humans created by God, and went on a darker path when she began a relationship with Lucifer, as well as becoming a potential love interest for Mazikeen.

Finally, the fan continued: “My theory is that sometime in season five, Mazikeen becomes the queen of hell and Eve goes with her so they can rule together.”

Although some fans point out that this would be physically impossible, given Mazikeen’s status as a simple demon preventing her from taking the throne, there’s no reason the rules couldn’t be bent.

Another fan added: “Story wise, outside of that it does fit with Eve and Maze getting together, but unless there is a significant change to the basic rules of the show, Maze can’t rule hell.”


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With Dennis Haysbert being introduced as God in the new season, some fans believe their more outlandish theories could be explained with the clause of heavenly intervention stepping in to bend some of the more rigid laws of the Lucifer universe.

However, if God does intervene at every turn, fans could be liable to become annoyed if the new season keeps taking this shortcut to explain away its more shocking twists.

Filming for season five was almost complete before the COVID-19 outbreak halted production of the season finale, so fans are expecting a significant delay before the new season hits Netflix.

Lucifer season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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