Mama June reveals she has 'stage 3 lipedema' and if she doesn't get it taken care of she'll be 'dead in six months'

MAMA June has revealed she has “stage 3 lipedema’ and if she doesn’t get it taken care of she’ll be “dead in six months.”

The reality star is desperate to see her children and make it up with them before it’s too late.

In tonight’s episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, June, 41, puts all her efforts into finding out where Pumpkin and Alana are living. 

While in Georgia for a court appearance, June drops by her sister Joanne ‘Doe Doe’ Shannon’s house with the hope she might be able to help her get in contact with two of her daughters. 

Although Doe Doe is unimpressed at first, she eventually lets her in and the two have a chat. 

As June talks about her sobriety, Doe Doe asks about why she’s using a walker to get around. 

She asks: “Is that because of the drugs?”

The television personality replies: “No, a month ago when I went and got my chin done, the doctor said he thought I had lipedema.”

June tells her sister that one arm is six inches bigger than the other, and her left leg is 13 inches bigger than the right.

She went on: “They told me that I’ve actually got stage 3 lipedema and if I don’t get it taken care of I’ll be dead in six months.”

Doe Doe is understandably shocked and agrees to try and call Pumpkin, however, as the phone rings Pumpkin’s daughter Ella Grace, three, answers and promptly hangs up. 

Earlier this month Pumpkin, who still has custody of her little sister Alana admitted she "doesn't believe" her mom is "really sober" after her trip to rehab for cocaine use.

June and Geno were arrested for possession of a controlled substance – crack cocaine – and possession of drug paraphernalia – a crack pipe – in March 2019 and the case remains ongoing.

In a recent teaser clip for the new show Mama June: Road To Redemption, which follows Pumpkin casts her doubts on her sobriety.

Ignoring her ringing phone as she cleans up after her tot, Pumpkin flashes the screen which reads "My Mommy" and tells the cameras: "Like I have time for that s**t."

In October 2019, their attorney entered a not guilty plea on their behalf in the Alabama court and The Sun exclusively revealed that the 40-year-old TV star and Geno have a court trial, which is still pending to this date.

In a previous episode, fans saw June’s daughters Anna, 25, Jessica, 23, Pumpkin, 20, and Alana "Honey Honey Boo," 15, had an intervention.

If June is found guilty she could face up to two years in prison, meanwhile her boyfriend could spend a decade inside.

Lipoedema is a chronic condition where there's an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks, and sometimes in the arms.

Medical expert and the founder of Chemist 4 U Shamir Patel said lipoedema is a condition that affects up to 11 per cent of women.

He said: "It's often mistaken for obesity, as it is a build up of fat cells in the hips, buttocks and legs, often creating leg bulges and tissue that bruises easily.

"It often starts out as pain in the legs with dimpled skin and poor ankle definition and becomes worse over time, with increasing pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis."

Shamir admitted that treatment options are limited for the condition.

He added: "Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage which drains any excess fluid and waste from the tissue, which can reduce symptoms of swelling and discomfort, but it is not a long term solution.

"Liposuction is a permanent option which will remove the fatty deposits.”

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