Mama June's daughter Alana 'Honey Boo Boo', 15, tells haters to 'take a seat' as she shows off lash extensions in selfie

MAMA June's youngest daughter Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' has clapped back at haters, telling them to "take a seat".

The 15-year-old was showing off her fluttering eyelash extensions in an Instagram post when she hit out at those who "can't stand her".

Alana, the youngest daughter of June Shannon, 41, rose to fame on controversial TLC show Toddlers & Tiaras.

The Mama June: From Not To Hot star has recently faced internet trolls over her figure, and has been on the defence on Instagram.

Sharing two photos to clap back at the haters, Alana was seen in the fist striking a pouty face and showing off her eyelash extensions.

In the second, the former pageant star stood in her yard wearing a tie dye tee-shirt, jean jacket, black pants and black and red shoes.

She kept her blonde hair flowing down over her shoulders and added a touch of glam to her look with two-inch acrylic nails.

Alana captioned the post: "Can’t stand me? Take a seat!"

Some cruel commenters continued to troll the teenager, telling her that she was "still big".

"Booboo damn u still big," one wrote, with the reality star was quickly snapping back: "Lols ik you ain't talking!"

Fans stepped in to defend her too, dubbing her "beautiful" and "gorgeous", and encouraging her to "not let others steal her joy".

"You’re beautiful, never let anyone still your joy my love," one woman wrote, as another said: "Gorgeous. Keep being you!"

The TV personality has faced relentless backlash from the public regarding her appearance and her family of late.

The child star was forced to protect herself from Instagram users who referred to her as the “Hot Cheeto Girl.”

According to Urban Dictionary, a "Hot Cheeto Girl" describes someone who wears hoop earrings, vans, thrasher sweatshirts, fake nails and is “always ready to fight”.

She clapped back in another series of images, including black and white selfies showing off her long lashes and nails saying: “I might be one, but I’m still a bad bleep😘.”

The WeTV star has also had to defend her mother Mama June from the harsh public after one critic called her parenting skills into question.

“You don’t need lashes and nails at your age … where’s the parenting at? Be a little girl please," one fan urged.

“Well, her mother is a coke head and she’s being raised by her sister. Whether it’s nice or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fact," another added, drawing Alana into the conversation.

She said: “[sic] Ion to much care what y’all gotta say about me. But one thing y’all ain’t [sic] finna do is talk about my mama and my sister.

“My mom is now sober of almost a year and I couldn’t be prouder of her and yes I’m being raised by my sister but hey, I think she’s doing a damn good job at it!"

Alana fell into her sister's care after her mother was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and a crack pipe in March of 2019.

Though the parents are now over a year sober, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star still lives with her sister Pumpkin, 21.

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