Mark Wright slams cruel arsonists who burnt down Elliott Wright's bar and says he's 'broken enough after losing his dad'

MARK Wright has slammed the arsonists who torched his cousin Elliott's Marbella bar and restaurant.

Businessman Elliott was left devastated yesterday when he learned Oliva’s La Cala had been destroyed by fire – just a month after his dad Eddie died following a battle with coronavirus.

In an Instagram video today, he confirmed the cause of the fire was arson and said that police were investigating.

Mark commented on the video, which showed followers the charred ruins of the business: "Why just why I ask myself, in a world that is so cruel anyway by nature right now, why can’t we all Rally together?? Life is so short. Why would you do this to someone.

"I’ve had long phone calls with my cousin regarding his excitement/need for the restaurant to reopen soon and just before it possibly does, somebody does, he gets this.

"Elliott is broken enough after losing his beloved dad!! I pray for the day humanity is kind and United but I think the reality is, with the way the world is right now…. I can’t see my prayers being answered anytime soon. Such a shame.

"Elliott you will rebuild bigger and better than ever boy as I know you.
Stay strong cuz, love you always x."

In a statement of intent, Elliott vowed to "rise like a phoenix from the ashes" and reopen the restaurant this summer.

Initially he ruled out arson while inspecting the scene yesterday, but that has now changed and Elliott is keen for the person(s) behind it to be brought to justice.

He said: "So yes my dream has been cruelly taken away from me by some spiteful nasty people, for what ever reason I will probably never know, all that matters really is that I will rebuild and WILL be back.. 

"@olivias_la_cala 2021 may be delayed more then we wanted… but we have all waited long enough, a little longer and we will be back with a bang..

"I want to thank everyone who has came with offers of help or a simply kind message, I’ve genuinely been touched, including my Spanish community as well as the mayor Josele Gonzalez, you have all been amazing, you realise in time of trouble the people that are there for you…”

It's been a devastating year for Elliott, whose dad Eddie died last month eight weeks after contracting coronavirus.

The disease ravaged the Wright family, with Mark's parents falling ill with it too.

Elliott and wife Sadie revealed how the loss had left them "shattered".

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