Married At First Sight spoilers: Moment Matt tells Daniel he WON'T live in Ireland – as Daniel refuses Leeds move

MARRIED At First Sight's Dan McKee and Matt Jameson clash as they struggle to agree on where to live after the experiment.

In tonight's episode, the couples embark on their final dates, giving them a last chance to experience some alone time away from the group to consider their future.

Matt and Dan, who are the show's first gay couple, head off on their sailing date.

But it isn't long before they pair discuss their living arrangements.

Matt, 39, from West Yorkshire, and Daniel, 27, from northern Ireland,neither has plans to up and leave their hometown anytime soon.

Dan explains: "I know you've got a lovely house in Leeds which I love and you've made it your own nest, but I have such a draw to Northern Ireland – to the ocean, coastal vibe – that's something I strongly value.

"And yes we can do long distance for a certain amount of time but there does have to be that point where we have to choose somewhere to settle down together."

Dan then quizzes Matt on where he plans to settle down in the future. 

"For me, I don't think I should move to Northern Ireland straight away," reveals Matt.

Dan replied: "So realistically, I see us doing long distance for three-four months. 

"This is my truth, and I'd like to go between Leeds, Northern Ireland and maybe somewhere else. But in terms of settling down, at this moment in time, I can't see myself basing myself in Leeds."

Matt admits: "I think if I'm really honest I did have in my heads that I wanted to convince you to come to Leeds because my parents are there, I've got so many friends there.

"That's always going to be a massive part of my life. It's where I'm from – it's my roots."

Meanwhile, Dan explained that they need to meet each other half way.

Dan adds: "I think there needs to be a compromise then. I love Leeds and I would like to visit there but I'm not sure if I can see myself there on a full-term basis."

Previously the pair had discussed Matt moving there so Daniel could pursue his dream of opening a holistic retreat.

The news was met with a frosty reception from Matt's parents, who live just 10 minutes away, as they were concerned about him missing his friends and family.

Matt tried to convince them that he would only be a short plane ride away, and he wouldn't be moving to Northern Ireland and just "switching off his phone".

After taking a few days to process the big move, it seemed Matt had a rethink.


Meanwhile, fans have demanded answers as to why Matt and Dan's previous absences and their lengthy honeymoon weren't explained.

Earlier this month the pair were conspicuously absent from the show's first-ever dinner party leaving fans wondering what happened to them

But when they reappeared for Yes Week the huge gaps in their on-screen romance were brushed over.

Fuming fans erupted on Twitter after the pair sat down to chat with relationship experts Paul Brunson and Mel Schilling.

One raged: "So are they never going to address the reason Matt and Daniel never attended the first dinner party and commitment ceremony? Cause I be nosy AF!"

"Are we ever going to find out why Daniel and Matt took a longer honeymoon?" another asked.

A third fan reacted: "I assumed they got stuck somewhere because of Covid."

The show was filmed during the pandemic, so viewers are speculating that their delay had something to do with Covid travel restrictions.

This seems like the most likely explanation, but Channel 4 hasn't confirmed the rumour.

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