Martin Compston and Vicky McClure’s private lives – Vegas home to famous spouses

They might be co-stars in the hit BBC police drama Line of Duty, but the actors also have something else in common – their birthday.

Martin Compston, who brings life to Steve Arnott, and Vicky McClure, who plays Kate Fleming, are pals on and off screen.

Though the series six finale might have been a bit of an anticlimax for many viewers, one thing was definitely clear throughout the show, and that was the extraordinary talent of its cast and the growing bond between them.

Martin, Vicky, Adrian Dunbar and show creator Jed Mercurio even pledged to get matching AC12million tattoos if the show hit 12million viewers.

We’ll see how that goes, but for now – to celebrate the stars turning a whole year older, we take a look inside their private lives to give you a glimpse of the people behind the bulletproof vests.

Glittering Vegas pad

Though 36-year-old Martin Compston was raised in a small Scottish town, he felt the calling of fabulous Las Vegas – so much so that he decided to move there with his wife Tianna Flynn.

Their party pad is impressive indeed, featuring a heated swimming pool, a spa, a trampoline and its own bar.

Martin told The Sunday Post: "It’s an incredible feeling when you’re from Greenock and you can get your family over to stay and you’ve got a pool out your back. The most therapeutic thing in the world is cleaning your pool – walking about mopping up leaves."

He even shared a snap of himself sipping beer by the pool edge in a pair of trunks, accompanied by his adorable dog King.

Martin’s home bar has Tennent’s beer on tap, while the rest of the house also features ping pong table and pool tables.

He splits his time between his Vegas home and a property he owns in his hometown, but admits when he visits his parents he still sleeps in his old bedroom – which is decorated how he had it as a teenager.

Famous families

Martin has been married to wife Tianna Chanel Flynn since 2016, while Vicky got engaged to Shameless actor Jonny Owen in 2017.

Martin and Tianna met while Tianna was working as a nightclub manager at the Hudson Hotel in Los Angeles.

They married in 2016 at the Compston family chapel in Greenock, where Martin hails from.

Tianna even popped up in an episode of Line of Duty – as Steve receives a dating app message back in series five from a woman named Tina Watts, the attached picture was actually his real-life wife Tianna.

Tianna works as an estate agent in Vegas, but she has acted in shows like Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader in 2012.

Meanwhile, Vicky has been with Jonny for eight years, and they officially got engaged in 2017.

The lovebirds met on set while filming Svengali, where Vicky played the part of Shell, Jonny’s on-screen girlfriend.

Jonny carried out the casting for the flick himself, and spilled to the Nottingham Post: "I went home to Wales and dreamt about her playing Michelle in Svengali. She was the hottest actress in Britain and I didn’t believe she’d do it."

And they fell in love so hard that Vicky moved in with Jonny after just a week of dating.

Vicky said on the How to Fail podcast: "When we first spoke it was on the phone. I came off the phone and I just knew. I absolutely knew.

"It was tricky. I thought ‘I am scared now, I genuinely feel something I’ve never felt before. He’s a proper man. He’s a grownup.

"We got to talking about love. And just the way he was describing it: I was like ‘Oh My God. He's the man for me.’"

The couple share a huge house in Nottingham, and have two adorable pooches.

Similar sisters

Vicky’s older sister Jenny is the spitting image of her.

Back in January, Vicky shared an adorable snap of the two as youngsters building a snowman together, and regularly shares pics of her two nephews.

"If I could be anywhere right now I’d be transported back to this day. Lazy walk around @wollatonhall with my nephews Xxx," Vicky told Instagram fans alongside a pic of her with the two boys.

Posted during lockdown last year, it was obviously tearing Vicky apart to be away from her family for so long.

Her sister Jenny posted: "Oh Vic!! Wish we were with you right now. Counting down the days. We miss you xxx".

Vicky's nephew has even been seen on screen, as he has played her son Josh for several series of Line of Duty, but wasn't seen in series six.

Footie focus

Martin didn’t start off as an AC-12 expert – he actually began his career as a professional footballer.

The Scotsman had stints with both Aberdeen and Morton footie clubs, and even played two senior matches for Morton in the 2001/02 season.

Speaking about his short-lived sporting career to Si Ferry’s Open Goal podcast, Martin admitted: "I remember I was captain at a game and one of the top scouts came down, and we got beat off an East Kilbride select."

And on playing for Morton after the club’s relegation to the Scottish Second Division, he added: "There was a lot of hanging about. I felt more like a cleaner than a football player."

Now he’s a massive Celtic FC fan.

Vicky, meanwhile, knew she wanted to go into acting from a very young age, and aged just 15 starred as Ladine Brass in A Room for Romeo Brass.

Full frontal films

Martin isn’t afraid to get his kit off for the cameras.

In a resurfaced clip, he appeared naked for his role in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, back in 2009.

Martin’s character Danny kidnaps girlfriend Alice and holds her at gunpoint – all while completely starkers.

In one shocking scene, Martin even kicks his leg up high to pin her against the wall with his bare foot, showing off his impressive physique.

Well, he certainly isn't shy!

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