Messiah cancelled: Why has Messiah been cancelled by Netflix?

Netflix has cancelled its religious drama Messiah after just one season on the platform, according to Deadline. The news has shocked fans after the first outing set up a dramatic cliffhanger in its season finale.

Messiah was a huge hit with audiences when it was released at the beginning of this year on Netflix.

The first outing came to a dramatic end when it was revealed Al-Masih () actually seemed to have supernatural powers.

Many viewers were eager to see where this took the show next and whether this was all part of a larger con.

However, it was confirmed on Thursday, March 26 that the series had been cancelled after just one outing.


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The news was released on Instagram by one of the show’s stars Wil Traval.

He wrote to his fans on the social media platform:  “It’s a very sad day today.

“I have just received news from Netflix that there will be no season 2 of #messiah I wanted to say to all the fans thank you for your support and love. I wish things were different.”

Netflix has not yet made an official comment as to why it was cancelled but has reached out to them for comment.

According to Deadline, one of the reasons for the cancellation may be down to the international nature of the show.

The publication reported that given the series is filmed all over the world with an international cast, it may be difficult to produce after the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19.

As well as this, the show did face some controversy before it had even been released.

Just two days before it was brought out on Netflix, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan requested it not be shown in the predominantly Muslim country.

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