Munroe Bergdorf reveals she wants to be first transgender contestant on Strictly Come Dancing

IN the most recent series, Strictly Come Dancing finally joined the 21st century by having its first same sex couple in Katya Jones and Nicola Adams.

Now we could be in for another landmark moment.

Model Munroe Bergdorf says she is up for being the first transgender contestant on the BBC1 series.

Munroe – who was L’Oréal’s transgender model in the UK but was dropped within weeks after a race row – said: “I’ve always said that Strictly is the only one that I’ve got a desire to do.”

Speaking on the Make It Reign podcast, Munroe made it clear it wasn’t something to rush into, adding: “I’ve got a plan.

"I want to get everything done that I want to achieve, then I can start doing those shows.

“It’s really exciting.

"I kind of feel that once you’re part of a reality TV show the general public starts shaping your narrative in a way that’s much more difficult for you to shape.

"So I don’t necessarily want to become public property in that way just yet.”

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