Neighbours Chloes Huntingtons death fears sparks Nicolette baby exit drama

Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly, who plays Chloe Brennan in the Aussie soap, has teased plenty of drama to come with girlfriend Nicolette and her unborn child.

Nicolette is currently acting as a surrogate for Chloe’s brother Aaron and his husband David Tanaka – but unfolding drama with Chloe could mean the pair lose out on their chance to be fathers.

It all comes as Nicolette springs an unexpected proposal on Chloe – who can’t help but have doubts over the suddenness of the potential progression of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Leo confesses to Paul that he has feelings for Chloe, and things seem to fall into place for him when Chloe worries that her own romance is moving too fast.

Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal, but it soon emerges that she’s grown closer to Leo – and Nicolette is left devastated when she finds out.

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Speaking to Daily Star Online, April Rose said: "Chloe’s not having doubts about her feelings, but she is having a lot of fears about commitment and about the future coming at her very quickly with all the discussion of family and marriage.

"Because Chloe has Huntington’s Disease, a terminal illness which means her life is a bit shorter than most and she’ll start to decline in maybe 15, 20 years – that’s all in the back of her mind."

The star added: "Leo hits the nail on the head and points out Chloe is always swinging between these two things – she’s afraid of facing all that alone and seeking security, but then when she has that security and her future becomes mapped out, she panics.

"That’s a straight path to the end for her, more or less."

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Chloe’s behaviour might just be understandable, then – but it appears Nicolette doesn’t feel the same way.

In a new trailer, Nic can be seen confronting Aaron and David, who both knew that Chloe had been growing closer to Leo and refused to tell her for fear of stressing her out while pregnant.

"You knew Chloe slept with Leo!" she can be seen yelling at the guys. "I thought we were a family. But all you care about is the baby."

Paul issues Nicolette a stern warning, insisting that after she gives birth to David and Aaron’s child, she must stay as far away from them as possible.

It’s enough to leave Nic stressed and isolated – so she decides to leave Ramsay Street, possibly for good.

With Nicolette missing, Paul can be seen in the trailer fuming: "She can’t just run off when she’s pregnant with David and Aaron’s baby!"

Leo lashes out at his brother David, as he warns: "You picked the wrong person to have your baby and now she’s run away with it!"

And teasing her exit plans, April said: "Nicolette disappears while pregnant with the baby, so we’re not really sure what happens to them.

"They’re not able to track her down. They don’t know if she’s going to have the baby, or if someone can maybe find her and get the baby back from her – we’ll have to see!"

Speaking about Nicolette’s fury at discovering Chloe might have been unfaithful, April added: "She’s really furious that Chloe didn’t confide in her, that no-one told her, because Chloe ends up confiding in [David and Aaron].

"Chloe tries to explain that she wanted a bit of time to figure out her feelings, and that she wasn’t going to act on them, but Nicolette is just really hurt."

April admitted: "Chloe actually has no feelings for Leo at this point, and doesn’t know that he has these secret feelings for her – she’s just seeing him as a safe space and a confidant, someone she can speak to about all these fears and doubts she’s experiencing."

Neighbours airs on weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5.

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