Neighbours’ Finn Kelly murder victim ‘exposed’ as soap confirms three deaths

Neighbours ' Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) is starting to get his memory back, remembering all of the evil things he did in the past, and who has betrayed him.

The Neighbours cast member looks set to take revenge on those who have wronged him, and it looks like no one is safe as he plots his violent attack.

The soap has confirmed that three people are going to die during the 35th anniversary special week, but who it will be is yet to be confirmed.

But with Finn having a lot of enemies, there are a lot of people in the firing line, including his girlfriend Bea Nilsson, his ex Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan and even Gary Canning.

Gary and Finn have feuded since Finn targeted and groomed his daughter in 2018, even trying to abduct her and get her out of the country.

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Not only that, Finn ran down Xanthe in his car, causing Gary to get into serious debt as he used money that wasn't his to pay her medical bills.

And as Gary and Prue to get married, fans know that soaps don't tend to let happy endings happen, meaning that the pair could be ripped apart in a tragic twist.

Damien previously spoke about Gary and Finn's feud to Daily Star Online, hinting that their feud could turn deadly.

He said: "He has always been wound up by Finn, he has always shifted the blame onto him, he blames him for everything, he has never been able to move past things.

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"This man wrecked his life."

Damien added: "Finn has already tried to kill everyone, so where this feud ends up, who knows.

"I hope things will get explosive, some sort of revenge fantasy would be good."

"Finn is a pretty evil character."

Could Finn be about to kill Gary in a shock twist that no one saw coming?

Looks like fans will have to wait and see…

Neighbours continues tomorrow at 1.4p5m on Channel 5.

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