New Scotland Yard Files on CBS: What is New Scotland Yard Files about? How many episodes?

New Scotland Yard Files premieres tonight (Thursday, March 12) at 10pm on CBS Reality. has everything you need to know about the series.

What is New Scotland Yard Files about?

New Scotland Yard Files looks into some of Scotland Yard’s most famous and intriguing cases.

The series is told through the eyes of former and current New Scotland Yard detectives and is hosted by former Scotland Yard Detective, Peter Bleksley.

Bleksley himself had to go undercover after joining the Metropolitan Police in 1978 and his first posting was to Peckham police station in South London.

In 1988 he became a founder member of Scotland Yard’s undercover SO10 unit and at one point had to go into the witness protection program.

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Viewers may recognise him from Channel 4’s Hunted, who led the team trying to catch contestants on the show.

The first episode of New Scotland Yard Files looks into the case of barman David ‘Sinders’ Morley, who was beaten to death by a group of youths on London’s South Bank in October 2004.

The lead detective on the case, Nick Scola, explains how he realised the attack was not as it first appeared.

In December 2005, four youths were found guilty of Morley’s manslaughter. A fifteen-year-old girl, Chelsea O’Mahoney, was sentenced to eight years.

Her co-defendants Reece Sargeant, (21), Darren Case (18) and David Blenman (17), all from Kennington, South London, were sentenced to 12 years each for manslaughter.

The series will also look at the Stockwell Strangler, who targeted elderly men and women in the streets of South London.

Kenneth Erskine, who was nicknamed the Stockwell Strangler is believed to have killed between seven to 11 elderly people over three months in 1986.

At the time of the killings, he was in his early 20s. He was sentenced to life imprisonment but has since been found to be suffering from a mental disorder within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 1983, and since 2009 has been held at the maximum-security Broadmoor Hospital.

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Another episode will revisit the murder of former pop star Michael Menson, who was killed by 26-year-old Mario Pereria.

The series uses ITN’s Productions archives, in-depth interview and reconstructions, viewers will relive the investigations through the eyes of the detectives on the case.

Other guests in the series include criminologists and forensic specialists who worked tirelessly alongside detectives.

The official synopsis reads: “In ‘New Scotland Yard Files’, current and former New Scotland Yard detectives open their files to tell the inside stories of how they caught some of the capital’s most notorious killers by following the ABC of the detective world: accept nothing, believe nobody and challenge everything.

“The series is presented by former New Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley, who brings unique insight into the workings of murder investigations, with contributions from the journalists who covered the stories as they unfolded, criminologists who analyse the methods and motives of the murderers and forensic specialists who provide vital evidence to ensure the guilty are convicted.”


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How many episodes are in New Scotland Yard Files?

There are 10 episodes in New Scotland Yard Files, each an hour-long in length.

Episodes will air every Thursday evening on CBS Reality at 10pm.

CBS Reality is available on Sky 146, Virgin 148, Freeview 66 and Freesat 135.

Across the 10 episodes, former Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley looks into 10 different cases and reflects on his time working undercover.

New Scotland Yard Files starts tonight at 10pm on CBS Reality

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