Olly Murs thanks Voice coaches for ‘picking him up’ after Caroline Flack’s death

Olly Murs has thanked his fellow Voice coaches for ‘pickinghim up’ after Caroline Flack’s death.

The Love Island host died by suicide on 15 February, aged 40.

And, speaking about losing such a close friend, he explainedthat he ‘needed’ to get back to normality.

In a chat ahead of the semi-final, the 35-year-old opened upabout his fellow judges ‘picking him up’.

‘Me coming back to work [that] week and seeing Tom and the coaches and getting back into work is definitely something I feel I needed,’ he told Metro.co.uk and others.

‘That happens across the board for all of us. We all need that. When I first came, and Tom had his hip injury, you could tell that Tom wasn’t himself.

‘Even Tom said, “I just wanted to get back to work, I didn’t want to be sat at home”. We’re all in that together. It’s great to be able to come back and just take your mind off it.’

Opening up about his grief, Olly continued: ‘It’s [the same] for anyone, not just us.

‘If you’re having a tough difficult time at home or you’vehad some bad news, it’s just nice to keep busy and go and see friends, also totalk about it.

‘But just to take your mind away from it, just for a fewmoments.’

The Troublemaker singer recently choked up when recalling the tragedy, during a stint on the Loose Women panel.

Struggling to get his words out, he said: ‘It’s been tough, even you saying them words it doesn’t really make sense to me yet, I’m still really coming to terms with it.

‘It was a massive shock.

‘The last couple of weeks has been… it’s so hard to eventalk about it, to be honest.’

‘It’s been tough,’ he sighed. ‘I never thought I’d never seeher again. I love her to bits and I’m going to miss her.’

The Voice continues on Saturday, at 8.30pm, on ITV.

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