Our Girl's Michelle Keegan recalls terror as she was forced to film car explosion stunt three times as seatbelt wouldn't release

OUR Girl's Michelle Keegan has recalled her terror as she was forced to film a car explosion stunt three times after a seatbelt wouldn't release.

A new series of the hit BBC drama returns tonight with Michelle resuming her role of Georgie Lane for the final time.

In the first episode, Georgie returns to Afghanistan after being promoted to sergeant, but she is still suffering from PTSD after the death of her fiancé Elvis Harte in the last series.

As well as some seriously emotional scenes, Michelle also had to film her fair share of stunts.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Michelle, 32, revealed: "There are also a lot of stunts. In episode one there is one with three of us in a car and that was really challenging.

"I didn’t like it! We were up very high. It felt like we were upside down forever.

"We had to film it three times. Every single time I couldn’t undo my seatbelt."

Michelle announced her plans to leave the show after this season back in January to spend more time with husband Mark Wright and work on other projects.

Discussing her decision, she told OK!: "You can never say it’s going to be forever. But it was really tough. "I’ve done four series and it’s just me saying I want to explore other opportunities, that’s it.

"I’ve loved the show so much. This show has helped me grow into the person I am."
The former Coronation Street star added: "Out of any other show I’ve done in my life, this is the pinnacle for me. I’ve had such an amazing time.

"I’m very lucky that they had me on the show. I’m going to miss it and I’m going to miss Georgie. It’s very hard."

Our Girl airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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