Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen’s daughter begs her to ‘shut up’ over sex talk

Amanda Owen says she doesn’t take children shopping

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Clive and Amanda Owen are parents to nine children and they all star in Channel 5’s hit documentary series Our Yorkshire Farm. The show follows the lives of the Owen family as they live and work on a farm in North Yorkshire. In a previous episode of the show, one of Amanda’s daughters begged her to “shut up” when she began talking about sheep having sex.

While watching their flock of sheep to check if they had begun mating, Clive and Amanda decided to educate their children about the birds and the bees.

As the family kept a close eye on the animals, one child asked what they were looking for.

Amanda explained: “We’re waiting for for umm… it to happen.”

One of Amanda’s sons replied, asking: “What’s ‘it’?”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess explained: “See that one there that he’s with now? She’s in season, look.

“Look he’s sniffing. It’s like a little courtship dance going on now. Look, she’s wagging her tail.

“Those two sheep are in love!” Amanda exclaimed.

Clive chimed in explaining why it was so important for them to keep an eye on the animals during mating season.

The farmer commented: “It’s good to see everything is happening as it should be.

“Some are better at it than others. I suppose that applies to our species,” Clive laughed.

He continued: “This is important stuff for us and we need to know he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.

“Once we know that everything’s working right and he’s getting to where he needs to be then we can relax a bit, knowing that when he’s marked one he has actually mated with it.”

“That’s what we wanted to see,” Clive remarked, as one of the sheep mounted another.

“It was short and sweet if it did,” Amanda joked.

Clearly pleased to know the sheep were mating properly, Amanda yelled: “Sexy time!”

However, the Channel 5 star seemed to embarrass one of her daughters, as the youngster said: “Oh shut up.”

Clive commented that living on a farm helps a lot when it comes to sex-education.

He said: “It must be quite an awkward topic for some parents obviously when they don’t have this going on in the yard.

“They see it a lot, they see it every year and it’s part of what we do,” he explained.

Amanda agreed, adding: “They’re getting their birds and the bees talk, but it’s happening right in front of them.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is available on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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