Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen left 'seething' after property disaster with husband Clive

OUR Yorkshire star Amanda Owen has penned her annoyance over missing out on a new property with her husband, Clive Owen, in her new book.

In the 46-year-old's book, Adventures of a Shepherdess, the mother-of-nine opened up on her fame after becoming a national icon when Amanda and her family first appeared on our TVs in 2018.

Ever since the large family have gone on to enjoy four seasons on air and as their fame increased Amanda revealed they are trying to get their hands on a bigger home.

In one part of her book she recalls how she and Clive received some documents from an estate agent that left them unhappy.

Amanda said the package contained a preprinted form and a cover letter for a home they had previously shown an interest in called 'The Chapel'.

A letter in it asked if the couple still wanted to put their offer forward and that they needed to prove they had the funds to buy it.

Due to the property being part of the church, the current owners were curious to hear why the Owens were so interested in it.

Amanda said the pair sat down and filled out the forms and confirmed they had the £82,500 deposit to put down for the property.

The parents of nine also included a letter from a bank manager who confirmed they would be willing to lend the rest of the money they needed for the mortgage.

Amanda also explained in the extract of the book the reasons she wanted the property in the first place.

She said she wanted to keep the chapel's original heritage "as much as possible" during any renovation work they would do.

As a final touch, and to explain why the chapel meant so much to them, Amanda mentioned in the form how their eldest daughter, Raven, had been blessed in the same church years prior.

The pair handed in all the documents two weeks before the deadline but were devastated to find out they had not won over the owners.

Amanda wrote: "There were rumours abounding as to who had bought the chapel long before we got the official letter telling us we'd been unsuccessful in our bid.

"Maybe it was really was destined to be a nightclub, petrol station or fast food drive-through; frankly I didn't care.

"I tore up the letter in a fit of pique and threw it onto the fire. Then I quietly seethed as I waited to find out who had really beaten me.

"It didn't take long until word got out – they'd sold to a couple from London who were going to convert it into two holiday rentals."

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