Our Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen skins lamb in front of 2-year-old daughter Clemmy

Our Yorkshire Farm: Lamb is skinned in front of children

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Clive, 66, is one of the standout stars of Our Yorkshire Farm and he features in the Channel 5 series alongside his family. With his wife, Amanda Owen, 46, the couple care for their nine children as well as the duties they have to perform to keep the farm ticking over. However, he might have raised some eyebrows when in one scene of the documentary series, he was seen skinning a lamb in front of the youngest member of the clan, Clemmy.

Clemmy helped her mother, Amanda, deliver some lambs in one of the holdings on the farm but upon Clive’s return from the fields, they discovered one of the folk had passed away.

The narrator of the series said: “Clive returns from the Moors with a dead lamb and plans to skin it in the hopes he can pursue its bereaved mother to adopt one of the many, many orphans.”

Amanda suggests in the segment Clemmy helps her find a new baby for the sheep to adopt but she is immediately drawn to what her father is doing.

“Tough little Clemmy isn’t scared to get involved,” the narrator explains as Clive takes a knife to the young animal.

“I love him,” the two-year-old says as the mother-of-nine explains what Clive is doing to the dead lamb.

“Can you see how his head is all swollen up?” Amanda asks her daughter, who replies without completely understanding of the skinning process: “He’s not happy.”

“No, it’s not happy,” Amanda tells her daughter as Clive begins pulling the skin off of the lamb’s corpse.

“What do you think? A nice fleece coat?” the mother-of-nine remarks with the narrator adding: “It takes a skilled hand to keep the skin intact.

“And everyone is curious to see if it will work,” they continue as more of the children gather to watch their father.

Amanda tells the camera: “When you have livestock, you have deadstock. You can’t be on a farm and shield them from everything.”

He’s not happy


“Life, death, I think it’s good life lessons, really,” Amanda continues as Clive completes the job on the dead lamb.

Unfortunately, it seemed Clemmy wasn’t willing to look at the conclusion of the skinning process as she looks away when her father rips the fleece off of the young sheep.

The mother-of-nine asks her older children to help her stretch the skin her husband has just taken off the lamb.

She is seen putting the fleece on another young animal who has been deprived of its fleece coating.

Unfortunately for the live lamb, the coat is a little too big but the shepherdess proceeds to let it run around.

Amanda takes the orphan lamb over to the mother of the young sheep who had just been skinned by her husband.

Clive’s wife explains the orphan doesn’t have to keep the skin on for long but just until the mother has accepted them.

The mother-of-nine says the bond needs to be strong enough it won’t be broken and the sheep believes the child is hers.

“Out of a little mini tragedy, we’ve made something good happen,” the mother-of-nine tells the camera as the lamb suckles of his adoptive mother.

Even though the couple have nine children to care for, the shepherdess hasn’t ruled out having even more in the future.

“I think I’m too old to have a 10th child. I don’t know, wait and see. There was never any family planning, so who knows?

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. People are quick to say to a mum-of-nine: ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that’.

“But I want to be an example to my kids, to say, ‘You can be whatever you want to be — don’t let other people define you’,” she told The Sun.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on My5.

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