Peaky Blinders: Stephen Graham’s mysterious new role uncovered ‘Not an enemy’

Peaky Blinders: Steven Knight teases final season

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Marking its final chapter, Peaky Blinders is set to make a return for its sixth and final instalment. Fans could expect to see a blood-soaked finale in the BBC drama which follows the disturbingly dysfunctional Shelby family. Hoping to go out with a bang, showrunner Steven Knight has teased viewers with new faces including the Line of Duty star Stephen Graham. Speaking about the newcomer, Knight explained how the former This Is England star was only one man for the job. 

Speaking ahead of the series debut, the showrunner beamed: “I’ve always wanted him [Graham] to be in it. 

“A character was starting to develop in the Liverpool docks.

“And you just think, well, there can be nobody else for this character,” he told Digital Spy. 

Detailing the role, Knight claimed despite what some members of the BBC audience believe, Graham’s character may not be a villain. 

“So it’s somebody who comes up against Tommy, who isn’t an enemy, really.”

In a teaser clip that was released by the BBC back in December 2021, on social media the caption read: “Time to make a new acquaintance.⁣”

In the short snippet, Graham said: “I hear there are some people from Liverpool looking for me.”

The Peaky Blinder’s writer had also previously spoken about wanting to add the Line of Duty actor to the cast after his hard-hitting performance in Boardwalk Empire.

When asked about whether Graham could play the iconic gangster Al Capone, Knight claimed: “Not Al Capone – I didn’t want to go west. 

“Because it’s a minefield once you go into Chicago gangsters.

“I refer to him last series [series four], but I didn’t want to go into that,” he told Obsessed with Peaky Blinders.

Meanwhile, leading star Cillian Murphy who plays the notorious Tommy Shelby, has promised a show-stopping finale. 

Speaking to the BBC, Murphy teased: “The ambition was always very, very big.

“Anything that you think will happen, something entirely different happens and that to me is great writing.”

He beamed: “I’m very thankful for it really.”

The Irish actor recalled the first season which aired back in 2012 and explained how the infamous Birmingham gang were unknown to many.

Murphy said: “If you put Peaky Blinders into a Google search, there would be one result, so there wasn’t that much [about them]. 

“A lot of it was Steven [Knight] telling these stories from what he had heard from his parents handed down in Birmingham.

When playing the leading role, the TV star admitted Tommy Shelby wasn’t easy to portray. 

While taking time apart from the show, upon his return as the brutish gang leader, he claimed: “It takes an awful lot of time to get back there.”

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