Phillip Schofield admits cleaning blunders over coronavirus fears

Phillip Schofield has admitted that he's made a few blunders as he tries to adhere to the advice given about preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking to co-host Holly Willoughby and guest Vanessa Feltz about the virus today during the phone-in, he opened up about his own worries.

This comes amid the recent news that the number of UK cases of coronavirus has jumped from 34 to 85.

He said: "We're washing our hands but then you're not supposed to touch your face.

"During what you were saying I went like that [touched face] and I was like, 'Ah! I've touched my mouth!' That's where my head goes at the moment."

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Holly agreed, adding: "And I was saying you keep washing your hands, washing your hands and then you pick up your phone, which you were touching before you washed your hands.

"So are you not just transferring it all back on anyway?"

Vanessa replied: "Give your phone a swab in a way that's not going to ruin your phone I think is the thing to do"

Holly asked in response: "So we need to stockpile on swabs?!"

She replied: "Well people are doing that, that's exactly what they are doing.

"And they're stockpiling on disinfectant spray and wipes and all that kind of thing."

This comes after Holly refused to shake hands with a professor after speaking to a Brit with coronavirus on Monday.

In the studio, Holly and Phil were joined by Professor Paul Hunter, who said: "I'm substantially less optimistic than we were six weeks ago."

"I suspect it will continue into the summer," the professor said. "Personally I don't think it will disappear completely… hopefully by [the autumn] there will be a vaccine."

Phil questioned: "Once you've had it can you re-get it?"

"I'm not convinced at the moment," Professor Paul Hunter replied.

At the end of the interview, Holly quipped: "We won't shake hands."

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