Piers Morgan grins as Marilyn Monroe impersonator calls him Mr President in happy birthday serenade – The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was serenaded by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator today and hailed "Mr future President" live on TV.

The ITV anchor, who yesterday turned 55, revealed a belated birthday present sent to him by top Marilyn impressionist, Susie Kennedy.

He told viewers it was sent to him last night, on an evening where his family shared sweet throwback snaps for his special day, and he enjoyed wine at home due to coronavirus lockdown rules.

He told how singer Susie had messaged him a video of Marilyn's iconic Happy Birthday Mr President tune, with her dressed up in the bombshell's iconic blonde hairstyle and slinky black dress.

The iconic song was originally performed for US President John F Kennedy's 45th birthday in 1962.

The video played out for the GMB panel and as the impersonator broke out into the line: "Happy Birthday, President Morgan," co-host Susanna Reid could be heard giggling out of shot before Piers also let slip a laugh.

She finished by blowing a kiss to the presenter adding: "Happy birthday, future Mr President."

After the clip played out Piers told the show: "Everything about that works for me."

Susanna witty replied: "And everything about social distancing works for her!"

It's not the first time Piers has been surprised by someone impersonating the iconic Norma Jean songstress.

Back in 2009, when he was on the panel for Britain's Got Talent, a similar incident ensued.

Meanwhile Piers, who has been hugely vocal about coronavirus, slamming those who do not adhere to the rules, perfectly abided by the guidance on his special day.

It came as co-presenter Susanna, 49, returned to the show after self-isolating, as her sons had had coronavirus symptoms, for another birthday treat.

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