Piers Morgan slams ‘reckless’ Kinnock for ignoring lockdown ‘get it in your thick skulls!’

Piers Morgan, 55, and his co-host Charlotte Hawkins, 44, were joined by a panel of guests on today’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, including former Labour leadership contender Jess Phillips, 38, about the day’s headlines. One of which was people continuing to disobey the UK lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has now claimed over a thousand lives. However, the presenter slammed Labour MP for Aberavon in South Wales Stephen Kinnock, 50, as pictures were taken this weekend of the politician visiting his father for his birthday.


The host asked whether the visit by Kinnock to his family was classed as “essential travel,” whilst also ranting about the “selfish and reckless” actions of footballer Grealish.

In the image of the Labour MP seemingly teetering on thin ice with regards to the lockdown rules, he was seen sitting two metres away from his elderly parents.

His wife, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, 53, was also pictured sitting on one of the deck chairs outside the home of her in-laws.

South Wales police did reprimand the MP after he posted the snaps on Twitter, but Morgan fiercely ripped into him for driving from London to Wales to visit his father.


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“All you have to do is stay at home and obey the rules. There’s a section of our community who doesn’t care,” Morgan said.

“Who can blame them when you have a politician, Stephen Kinnock, driving from his constituency in Wales to London to see his father.

“The local police say it’s not essential travel. He says he’s taking essential supplies. Really?” the host asked.

“Were you Stephen Kinnock? Or just going to wish your dad happy birthday. His dad’s a great man. I’m sure someone closer than Wales can get essential travel to your parents.”

People can’t get it in their thick skulls

Piers Morgan

With the presenter celebrating his 55th birthday today, he said he wasn’t expecting his loved ones to turn up to commemorate the day, explaining “It would be dangerous for them.”

Urging members of the public not to follow in Kinnock’s footsteps, the host said: “Just stay near your home, this is all you have to do.

“This is our contribution to the war effort. People can’t get it in their thick skulls,” Morgan added.

“I find it a ludicrous notion. This generation isn’t being asked to go over the trenches and fight for liberation and freedom. They’re being asked to sit and watch TV.

“It’s got to stop. The next two to three weeks are going to be mayhem for the health service.”


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