Pregnant Danielle Armstrong says her fiance isn’t self isolating in coronavirus lockdown as he works on a building site – The Sun

PREGNANT Danielle Armstrong has revealed her fiance isn't self isolating during the coronavirus pandemic as he works on a building site.

The expecting Towie star told fans he had been going to work as normal, before Boris Johnson revealed people could be fined amid the nationwide lockdown.

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Danielle said her fiance Tom works in one of the main areas impacted by the lockdown.

And construction and building workers are still unsure as to whether they should be completing jobs.

She said: "So lots of you have been asking me: 'Is Tom self-isolating?'

"So he's not and I know this sounds stupid but this is where the government I feel like just need to either just do the lockdown or not because Tom has to go to work, like his company has not shut down.

"I mean no one has had any of the symptoms in his work and he's on a construction site but he's in the office part."

It comes after Kym Marsh faced backlash when she said her tiler son should be able to go to work.

Kym, 43 suggested her son should be allowed to work because Mr Johnson hadn't excluded non-key workers from carrying out their jobs.

Kim pointed this out as she tweeted last night: "What does he mean by travelling to and from work unless absolutely necessary? What is considered absolutely necessary?? My son is a tiler going into other people’s homes? Can’t work from home so is this necessary?? I can’t do my job from home so is that ok?? I’m confused? Are you?"

When one fan replied and said: "Use your common sense…" Kym snapped back: "Oh do be quiet."



As another follower said: "Tiling isn’t necessary how can u not know that?" Kym replied: "Not necessary to WHO????? It’s necessary to him and his dad who is self employed you ignorant ***++++ no one was clear! They said don’t TRAVEL to work unless necessary!"

Mr Johnson stressed the single most important action we can all take, in fighting the coronavirus, is to "stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives".

The working heroes include nurses, police officers, and delivery drivers, and their children will be exempt from the decision to close classrooms from Monday, March 23, to stop the spread of the deadly bug.

Kym argued Mr Johnson had failed to explain who is allowed to travel to work and said: "He says unless you can't work from home, lots of people find their jobs necessary to stay afloat! And they CANT do their jobs from home.

"We are not all privileged enough to be paid no matter what! Goodnight twitter"

She continued today: "These are scary times. For everyone. Hopefully this lock down will work and people make the right choices.

"There is a lot of uncertainty and also anger right now from lots of people I just hope people can unite rather than attack one another. Stay safe all x."

Piers Morgan also raised the issue on Good Morning Britain today during a chat with Michael Gove saying: "This construction issue is blowing up.

"People do not feel they have the clarity … And there’s this one guy who says, ‘It’s fine for a group of builders to be in a building doing their normal work but a dad can’t go to his kids house that they live in.' I mean, this is the confusion, people are saying how can that be right?"

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