'RuPaul's Drag Race': Bob the Drag Queen Revoked Sherry Pie's 'Look Queen' Title After Controversy

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 contestant, Sherry Pie, has been disqualified from the competition after multiple catfishing allegations. Drag Race Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen and All Stars Season 4 champ, Monét X Change weighed in on the disturbing allegations in an episode of their podcast, Sibling Rivalry. 

Sherry Pie disqualified from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 12

Hours before Season 12 contestant Sherry Pie (Joey Gugliemelli) debuted on the second half of the two-part premiere, VH1 and production company World of Wonder announced they disqualified her after several men came forward accusing the drag queen of catfishing them.

The disturbing allegations detail the canceled contestant posing as a casting director and requesting fake audition tapes, that were sexual in nature, from young aspiring actors for an opportunity to play a character at a prominent New York theater.

After the first victim shared his story, four other men revealed they had a similar experience with the Season 12 drag queen in a Buzzfeed article. Even though World of Wonder disqualified Sherry Pie from the competition and banned her from attending the finale, the rest of the season is already pre-recorded.

In the most recent episode, the canceled drag queen won the improv challenge, earning $5,000. Not only did the production company edit her confessionals entirely out of the episode, but they also donated $5,000 to LGBTQ focused charity, The Trevor Project.

Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change weighed in on the controversy

For Season 3 Episode 1 of Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change’s popular podcast, Sibling Rivalry, they discussed the serious allegations against Sherry Pie.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner, who is also based in New York City, explained someone came out with similar allegations against the disgraced Season 12 contestant around December 2019, and it became a rumor.

Therefore, Bob the Drag Queen fired Sherry Pie from a brunch and pageant Look Queen, which Sherry won because they did not “want to be associated with her.”

Then, when the first victim came forward, the New York-based drag queens realized the story sounded eerily similar to the person who recently accused Sherry Pie of catfishing him.

After discussing the degrading things the canceled contestant “catfished” his victims into doing, Bob the Drag Queen declared Sherry Pie should go to jail and needs to give “atonement” as she could still have the videos in a cloud or on her computer.

They also read Sherry’s statement, and Monét X Change called the Season 12 contestant out for lying in the apology when she claimed she stopped catfishing after returning from Drag Race because someone recently accused the disqualified contestant of the same thing.

Bob the Drag Queen also admitted she thought Sherry Pie says “creepy stuff” and is “f*****g with everyone” because the canceled drag queen posed with a finger over her mouth for the cover of Time Out magazine, making Bob go “cold.” 

Bob the Drag Queen revoked Sherry Pie’s ‘Look Queen’ title

The Season 8 winner explained she only worked with Sherry Pie twice, and publicly announced her Look Queen title is officially “revoked,” making Season 11 California-based queen Shuga Cain the winner again. Look Queen is a New York-based competition Bob the Drag Queen founded in 2014.

Bob then talked about Sherry’s performance for the Glam Award because she came out as the evil witch and poisoned “Snow White” with an apple. After giving a few more examples, Bob the Drag Queen explained she felt the drag queen has an affinity for villains.

Ultimately, both Bob and Monét “feel bad” for the other queens because the entire season is now “tainted” by Sherry’s behavior. The All-Stars Season 4 winner shared her industry friend’s belief that Season 12 should be canceled so that Sherry’s actions don’t affect the Drag Race brand. However, the queens admitted they felt that wasn’t fair to the other Season 12 contestants.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 airs Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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