Samantha Giles reveals she left Emmerdale because she felt ‘stifled’

Emmerdale star Samantha Giles reveals she left the long-running serial drama because she felt ‘stifled’.

The actress portrayed Bernice Blackstock on the ITV soap throughout various periods of its run, before deciding to depart last year.

Speaking to OK! Magazine about her decision to leave, Samantha said: ‘It felt like the right time to leave. It’s scary because, as actors, regular work is the dream but I want to play other roles.’

‘You get that creative itch and I was starting to feel a bit stifled and I needed to move on. I got a bit frustrated because often when you’re playing a comedy character you’re not going to get big juicy storylines. I want to get my teeth into something.’

Bernice was in a very happy relationship with doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), and the pair were due to get married when she received word that her ex had been in a horrifying car accident in Australia, and therefore she decided — for daughter Dee Dee’s sake — she was going to move out there and support him.

Samantha continued: ‘Emmerdale very kindly left the door open for me. I wouldn’t have minded if they’d killed me off but they were lovely.’

‘They didn’t want me to leave but I got the urge. This departure is my second from the show – the first was after three years, then this stint was from 2012 to 2019. But I’m ready to move on.’

Emmerdale continues Wednesday 4 March at 7pm on ITV.

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