Say Anything: Natasha Lyonne

During her photoshoot for Rolling Stone‘s annual Women Shaping the Future issue, Natasha Lyonne spent some time answering questions in the latest installment of our “Say Anything” video series. She readied herself on a brown leather sofa, donning a cerulean suit. “I should do everything from a sofa,” she says. “Swathed in Gucci.”

Lyonne kicked off with the first rapid-fire question, reading “If I hadn’t been a child actor…” out loud. “I would have had a much better shot at getting involved in NASA,” she quips. “One of the main things I saw on the entry form was: ‘Not currently accepting applications from child actors.’ So it was a real non-starter for them, and my dreams died.”

The Russian Doll star paused at what her go-to breakfast order is. “First of all, I don’t get to do a ton of ordering in my life,” she explains. “I maybe don’t believe in it, on a sort of karmic level. If I’m doing well, I get involved in some sort of smoothie situation. If I’m not, lunch appears and I’m like, ‘Who’s eating salmon at 10 a.m.?’ And then I’m like, ‘Oh, I see. It’s 2 p.m. Joke’s on me.’”

Lyonne also contemplated the next question: What would her advice would be to young men? “What is a young man?” she asks the camera. She also was asked to give advice to Opal, the first role she played on Pee-wee’s Playhouse in 1986. “Get out there kid,” she said. “You’re six years old. You’re living in a playhouse. You’re spending all day looking in dinosaur holes. Get a job, kid! You’re six!”

She claimed that the best part of show business is that it’s a series of surrealistic activities. “It’s very funny to watch everyone run around with a sense of imaginary crisis,” she says. When asked what the worst part about show biz is, she gave a lengthy response, then came to a conclusion: “So that’s the worst part about show biz,” she explains, smiling. “The way it smashes dreams.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Lyonne predicted that in 15 years she’ll be living on a sustainable yacht, which she’ll invent before Elon Musk can get to it. “Also, if I don’t quit smoking I’ll be dead in a week,” she says. “Don’t smoke. Don’t vape. Keep your noses clean, all right?”

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