Scarlett Moffatt is obsessed with Tiger King as she gives us binge watch tips

Welcome to What I Binge – where we take a deep dive into what celebrities are watching on TV right now in a bid to combat boredom during coronavirus self-isolation.

We’ve already heard why Drag Race’s Ross Mathews believes Love Is Blind is essential viewing to combat the tough news cycle, and Lucifer’s Kevin Alejandro declaring his love for Brooklyn 99.

Today it’s Scarlett Moffatt’s turn – and just like the rest of us here at, she’s fully obsessed with Tiger King.

On the importance of self-isolation, Scarlett told us that self-care is essential at this moment in time – whatever way that best suits you.

She said: ‘Right now the most important thing we can all do is stay safe and help self isolate for both the NHS and those who are vulnerable.

‘Also a little tip that will help our mental health, is to set yourself a goal you want to achieve for the day. Whether that’s helping the little ones with homework, tidying up that c**p drawer, cooking a meal from scratch or a bit of self care of watching your favourite show.

‘Don’t feel like you need to come out of self isolation with a new business & glowing skin,’ she added. ‘Just look after yourself.’

Here’s what she recommends we tune into while we do…

What are you binge watching right now? 

The Tiger King on Netflix. I clicked onto it at 1pm and before you know it I’ve ate a whole tube of Pringles, had two glasses of pink gin & I’ve finished the whole series by 9pm.

I don’t want to give too much away but it involves 2,000 tigers, a law suit, a potential murder, a disappearance, Vegas and one questionable  mullet and to top it all off it’s a true story. Just madness. 

What show do you find yourself always going back to?

The Royle Family. Each episode reminds me of Gogglebox (only a scripted version). An average family sitting around the tv laughing, crying and arguing together.

The worlds a bit of a scary place right now and it’s been nice to have a proper belly laugh watching old episodes of this. 

What was the last show you sat and binge watched in one sitting? 

Tiger King. Right, I know I’ve mentioned it already, but seriously I can’t stress enough how crazy it is.

Did I mention that half way through the Tiger King runs to become president of the USA? And hands out condoms with his face on it to encourage people to vote?

Get your snacks at the ready and strap yourself in. 

What was the last show to make you cry laughing?

I rewatched my favourite episode of Shrill the other night. It’s the first series, episode 6.

Annie confronts the guy who has been trolling her, calling her fat and the outcome is not what you think. It’s making me laugh even thinking about it. 

What was the last show to make you cry?

Celebrity Great British Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer. Hearing the stories of those who have been affected by cancer is just heartbreaking.

It makes you realise how fragile life is and how we must treasure the wonderful moments and work together to make the world a safer place. 

Do you have a show you didn’t expect to fall in love with? 

Masterchef. I don’t have a clue what they’re saying half the time as the cooking terms sounds like a foreign language.

Yet every time I find myself sitting on the edge of my chair. Holding my breath as Greg Wallace pops that fork into his mouth praying that the red wine jus doesn’t clash with the truffle infused deconstructed Parmesan crisp. 

What show do you think more people should be watching right now? 

RuPauls Drag Race. Any series whether it’s the American or the all stars version is fabulous. But the British series had me laughing so hard my belly hurt and it’s available on iPlayer now.

It’s full of talent, sassiness, humour and powerful and empowering messages.

I love how much this show has helped the LGBTQ plus community so much. 

What show have you been meaning to binge watch, but haven’t got round to yet? 

The Witcher on Netflix. I’ve heard amazing things about it and anything with a bit of magic and a mythical creature thrown in, is my cup of tea.

Something to fill in that Game of Thrones void. 

What was the best binge-watch tip someone gave you?

So my bestie Ivo told me to watch Inside No. 9.

It’s dark, twisted and you find yourself trying to guess who done it all the way through. I’m now truly addicted. The brand new series is out now too.

Forever grateful to Ivo for introducing me to this bad boy. 

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