Scarlett Moffatt jokes her ‘boobs are cleaning her shoes’ as she slides down the stairs on her bum after ditching bra – The Sun

SCARLETT Moffatt had her followers in stitches today as she joked her boobs were cleaning her shoes in a hilarious home video.

The reality star, 30, ditched her bra on week four of isolation and decided to spread some cheer on Tik Tok.

She strutted to her staircase as Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline belted out, before taking marching down the steps and taking a seat.

Smiling, she then raised her hands in the hair and slid down as the chorus kicked.

She wrote beside the video: "So you ask, how’s self isolation going nearly 4 weeks in?

"Well I still haven’t got a bra on & my boobs are cleaning my shoes, but I’m safe in the house, thankful for key workers & enjoying tik tok."

Her fans found it hilarious and wasted no time showering her with compliments.

It prompted Scarlett to write: "Wow thanks for all the lovely comments ❤️."

The star recently revealed how her mum Betty had shopped for her key items and dropped them off to her home as she doesn't have a car.

Social distancing rules meant that mum Betty could not come within two metres of her.

But Scarlett filmed her mum through the window.

Betty looked delighted to be helping her eldest child, walking away with her thumbs up – wearing blue protective gloves to stay protected and safe.

Scarlett accompanied her Instagram Stories post with the tag: "To the best mam dropping off essentials," before putting a link to her page.

She then quipped: "Wish I could drive."

Scarlett previously dropped off shopping for elderly residents nearby, when the pandemic first broke out.

The 30-year-old said to her followers: “Going shopping tomorrow how can I help local elderly people in my area – I can leave food on their doorstep?”

She also advised her fans against panic buying, saying: “I do feel like we need to make sure we aren’t just thinking about ourselves in this situation.

“It is an epidemic and we need to make sure we aren’t hoarding things unnecessarily and that we can helping people as much as we can.”

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