Seven Holby City spoilers for next week as Cameron's secret finally gets out

ZAV is thrilled to uncover one of Cameron’s juicy secrets after growing sick of his competitive behaviour next week in Holby City?

Here’s the lowdown on what stories are unfolding next week on the BBC soap…

1. Cameron takes a risk

With the hospital in the midst of a crisis under acting CEO Max Mcgerry's reign of terror, Cameron seizes his chance to impress and offers to do a risky procedure.

Zav insists that Cameron is out of his depth and would never be considered if the hospital wasn't short-staffed, but Ange is persuaded otherwise and gives Cameron the green light.

Will everything go smoothly with the procedure or will he find himself in hot water?

2. Zav uncovers a secret

Zav grows sick of Cameron’s pompous antics and is thrilled when he uncovers one of his rival’s huge secrets.

But what has he discovered – and will he use it to get one over on Cameron?

3. Chloe has news for Cameron too

Cameron is shocked when Chloe drops a bombshell.

She reveals that Evan’s sister Phoebe has been in touch about his life insurance and that there’s going to be a further investigation into his death.

Chloe looks as if she has nothing to hide, but Cameron immediately appears panicked by the shock revelation.

Is some incriminating evidence about to come to the surface?

4. Fletch struggles to cope

Fletch is struggling under the extra pressure in the wake of tyrannical Max's budget cuts.

His stress escalates throughout the day as he spirals out of control.

By the end of the day he's convinced himself that the hospital is at breaking point – but is Holby the problem or is Fletch?

Judging by the spoiler pic above, he's not coping too well with the stress.

5. Dom panics Ben

Ben's world comes crashing down when he discovers that Dom told Essie about their kiss.

He berates Dom for spreading a secret that isn’t his to tell.

Ben continues to insist that he isn’t remotely interested in men as he struggles with inner turmoil, but will Dom be able to convince him otherwise?

6. Ben threatens Essie

In a moment of paranoia, Ben convinces himself that everyone is talking about him.

He seeks out Essie and issues her with a chilling threat.

Ben tells her he’ll break her own secret if she spreads his.

7. Essie tries to build bridges

Things get awkward when Essie, Sacha, Ben and Dom are thrown together in transplant surgery.

The group are faced with a life-saving operation to save a vulnerable child.

But things aren’t looking great when Ben suddenly disappears.

Essie tracks him down and urges him to put his personal issues to one side for the sake of the child.

Can Essie build bridges in time for the surgery?

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