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SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has been promoting LuLaRoe clothing to compete with rival wife Meri.

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri, 49, and third wife Christine, 48, both sell LuLaRoe clothing on their separate websites and private Facebook groups.

While Meri leads the way with over 98,000 Facebook followers in her LuLaRoe group, Christine has been actively pushing sales to her more than 31,000 customers.

Christine held Facebook Live sales throughout the weekend, while Meri typically only has sales Monday to Friday.

Christine posted a series of “weekend wall drops” to feature nine LuLaRoe outfits.

She even upped the ante by providing free shipping on outfits to her customers.

As for Meri, she only posted twice during the weekend to promote clothing pieces.

Meri also posted in her private group that she will not be available during the week because she will be traveling.

However, she will have guests to help with live sales.

Just last week, Christine posted photos of her slimmed-down figure on social media after boasting about dressing “sexy” for her date night with Kody.

The post came after Meri posted a TikTok video of her working out and revealed she has a personal trainer.

Meri and Christine have been known to be at odds with each other through the years.

During a 2012 interview with Anderson Cooper, Meri admitted it was difficult for her when Christine joined the family.

She explained: “Janelle’s relationship with Kody, although they loved each other, it wasn’t romantic. It was easier for me to accept. His with Christine was more romantic and he cared about her much more so I felt threatened.”

On a recent season of Sister Wives, Meri accused Christine of not wanting her around and not having a relationship with her.

Christine responded in her confessional: “She comes in the room heavy, bringing a lot of baggage with her. I don’t know what to do with it.”

Then on the most recent season, Meri snapped at her for “joking” around while evacuating her home amid a forest fire.

While Christine and Kody appear strong with date nights, Meri and Kody have had marital issues.

Fans suspected the two split when Meri posted without her wedding ring on and shared cryptic quotes earlier this month.

One of her quotes read: “Grace is having a relationship with someone’s heart, not their behaviors.”

A second read: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.”

While Christine posted her wedding anniversary with Kody, Meri snubbed him on theirs.

On the most recent season of Sister Wives, Kody, who is also married to second wife Janelle, 50, and fourth wife Robyn, 41, admitted he “regrets” their marriage.

He said: “I feel like I was deceived into a relationship that was very different than what I expected. Meri and I had a fast courtship with a lot of expectations and a lot of not communicating.”

Meri added: “The relationship he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over.”

Sister Wives is currently filming for the upcoming season.

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