Some of the Craziest Rules the 'Stranger Things' Cast Has to Follow

When Stranger Things hit our screens in July 2016, it took Netflix by storm. One of the streaming platform’s first original shows, the series became a juggernaut. Five years later, and it’s still breaking records. Season 3 was watched by more viewers than any other film or series in the first four days of release, according to CBS News.

The cast of the series is large. Plus, a majority of the actors are teenagers. Netflix knew they had to implement some rules for cast members to follow. Here are some of the craziest rules for the actors on Stranger Things.

Show up to set with no makeup and freshly scrubbed

According to The Binger, the actors must show up to set with no makeup and basically looking like they just stepped out of the shower. The rest of the cast can thank Millie Bobby Brown for this rule. 

During the filming of Stranger Things Season 1, Brown showed up to set covered in glitter. Granted, she was 11-years-old at the time, but this one mishap delayed filming by 45 minutes. 

She isn’t the only reason for the rule, though. The series is set in the 80s. This requires a particular makeup look. It’s much easier to use trusted makeup artists who know the look the creators, Ross and Matt Duffer, are aiming for and start from there.

No haircuts for Joe Keery

Like with makeup, the hair from the ‘80s had a specific style, and the Duffer Brothers are keen on the characters looking authentic. This is especially true for Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington.

No one can deny that Keery has a luscious set of locks and that hair is spotlighted in his role. He even gives Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) a little hair tutorial at the end of Stranger Things Season 2. Because Steve “The Hair” Harrington’s style is so iconic, Keery has to get permission from the Duffer Brothers before he gets his hair cut.

No cellphones allowed

Have we mentioned this show is set in the ‘80s? And you know what didn’t exist in the ‘80s? Cellphones. To keep the cast in the right state of mind and connected with their characters, no cell phones are allowed on set.

Plus, this kept the cast from posting on social media while at work. Showrunners are adamant that no spoilers be leaked in any fashion, with no access to social media while working kept the chances of an accidental slip up at almost zero.

Think of Eleven as E.T.

The references to the 1982 sci-film E.T. the Extraterrestrial are numerous throughout the extent of the show. However, fans see the most in Stranger Things Season 1. The Duffer Brothers have been upfront about their use of 80s movies as inspiration for the series. They even told Brown to picture herself as an alien.

Brown sat down with IndieWire while filming season 1 and said, “They told me that the performance that they wanted me to resemble was ‘E.T.’ and sort of that relationship between E.T. and the kids. I thought that was very interesting, and Matt and Ross were like, ‘Basically you’re going to be an alien.’”

The character of Eleven has acclimated quite nicely thanks to her friends from Hawkins as the show moves into its fourth season. Fans hope to hear some news at Netflix’s upcoming global fan event, TUDUM. However, there is no specific release date yet. Right now, all we can do is wait for 2022 to get here with new episodes as soon as it can.

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