Spoilers: Jean betrays Stacey after upsetting breakdown in EastEnders

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) made a shocking new move in tonight’s EastEnders, as her mental illness took another terrifying turn.

After Jean broke down in the jewellers’ yesterday, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) joined Jean’s daughter Stacey (Lacey Turner) in worrying for her, and the pair headed to visit her with Lily (Lillia Turner).

When she grew stressed over their probing, Jean accidentally scolded herself with hot water. Stacey then took the opportunity to slip away and call an ambulance, lying that her mum had hurt herself on purpose.

Although Jean and Stacey were close to reconnecting as the younger woman tried a gentler approach, everything changed again when the police and a paramedic arrived at the flat.

Jean grew incredibly distressed, insisting that she didn’t want to be taken away again. She begged Stacey to make them leave, and she and Shirley were devastated to see Jean’s rapid deterioration.

But when the paramedic referenced how she got her injury, Jean’s anger returned. Eventually, Lily revealed that the burn was accidental as she encouraged her mum to own up.

The authorities weren’t impressed over Stacey’s lie, but she and Shirley were adamant that it was necessary as they explained just how unwell Jean was. Jean was asked if she wanted to go to hospital, but she continued to say she was fine and needed no medical treatment.

There were powerful performances from all involved as Stacey came so close to getting Jean help, only to fail once again.

As she remained at a loss over what to do next, Jean approached the police officer and asked to make a complaint.

At home, Stacey comforted an upset Lily, who found her nan’s situation unbearable. But they were interrupted by the police, who told her Jean had reported her for harassment. Stacey couldn’t believe what her mum had done, especially knowing that Stacey still on probation.

Will Stacey be able to convince the officers that Jean is desperately ill, or is she set for a stint back in prison?

As for Jean, we know that her condition escalates in upcoming episodes. Will she be okay?

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