Spoilers: Romeo takes on Toby after rough altercation with Celeste in Hollyoaks?

Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner) has been enjoying a whirlwind romance with married woman Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) in Hollyoaks over the last few weeks, but he’s left concerned in the coming episodes when he sets his sights upon his lover in the middle of a somewhat violent altercation with her husband Toby (Bobby Gordon).

With Toby having become preoccupied with getting revenge on Martine, Mitchell and Walter Devereaux (Kelle Bryan, Imran Adams and Trevor A Toussaint) — something which Celeste has actively encouraged — Celeste found herself drawn to Romeo, who was evidently attracted to her.

The pair began something of a passionate affair, as Celeste repeatedly invited Romeo round to the flat when Toby was away, and — in spite of the young lad’s attempts to resist her charm — he was unable to do so.

Since then, they’ve continued to see one other, but there could be problems afoot as — in the coming episodes — Romeo sets his sights upon Toby and Celeste in the middle of an argument — on in which Toby violently grabs his wife’s arm — and thus he becomes worried about his lover’s well-being.

Romeo confronts her on the matter, but she tells him to mind his own business.

The question is: will Romeo leave well enough alone?

Or will he decide to have to out with Toby and find out what’s going on?

One to watch: Friday 6 March at 7pm on E4.

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