Stacey Solomon wakes up in full make-up after falling asleep on the sofa after ’emotional’ weekend – The Sun

STACEY Solomon had a rough start to the day as she woke up in full make-up after falling asleep on the sofa.

The 30-year-old sported dramatic false lashes as she filmed herself waking up with her boyfriend Joe Swash on Monday.

Looking bleary-eyed, she told fans: "Good morning. We fell asleep on the sofa and my neck is not happy about it."

Stacey added that their son Rex – who she paid an emotional tribute to for his first birthday – was still snoozing.

She penned: "Pickle [Rex] is still asleep so I had to do my morning video with Hoe [Joe].

"He's terrible if I'm honest. Wake up Pickle."

While the Loose Women star seemed ready to start the day, Joe wasn't quite as excited.

Stacey giggled as she sang, "Good morning, good morning!" to him before complaining, "You're not as happy as the baby in the morning. Smile!"

The couple were no doubt exhausted after the celebrations yesterday, which descended into farce when Joe slapped Stacey around the face with a jelly willy.

Stacey actually looked rather happy as Joe approached her with the red sweet treat – which she had made using packaging from one of her son Rex's birthday presents.

As the Loose Women panellist was sat on the floor playing with their one-year-old tot, Joe snuck up on Stacey and waved the penis shaped jelly in her face before throwing it at her.

Giggling as she held the slippery item, Stacey had uploaded the hilarious clip to her Instagram story and captioned it: "No one wanted to eat the shaft so Hoe thought He'd slap it round my face.

"Little does he know I've been looking forward to chowing down on that with a bit of ice cream all day so the jokes on you Hoe (sic)."

It seems former EastEnders star Joe was getting his own back on the lady in his life after she did the same to him and he looked absolutely horrified.

Stacey, 30, was in hysterics as she filmed herself presenting Joe with a plate of jelly in the shape of a penis.

She captioned the clip: "Hoe loves it really," she wrote, "OMG I need to grow up!"

The singer then cooed: "Snack time!" before cheekily telling Joe: "Go on, give it a good lick!"

Joe was not amused as he thrust himself backwards in seat away from his adult-themed dessert, saying: "I don't wanna lick it, you f*****g lick it!"


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