Susanna Reid angrily defends Piers Morgan as he’s branded Meghan Markle ‘troll’

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Good Morning Britain turned heated today after guest Ayesha Hazarika branded Piers Morgan "one of the biggest trolls against' Meghan Markle.

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard welcomed Ayesha, Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pearce onto the ITV show to discuss the allegations of bullying made against The Duchess of Sussex.

Ayesha began: "No one has any sympathy for her and no offence to your colleague who is not here Piers Morgan, but he's one of the biggest trolls against her… she's literally responsible for everything.

"I did a tweet yesterday saying, 'Oh my goodness I can't believe she had time to kill Khashoggi while wearing the wrong nail varnish,' and the responses were hilarious.

"This woman is being held responsible for everything."

Interrupting, Susanna warned: "Ayesha, sorry, if you're going to reference someone who's not here we need to be a little bit careful.

"You're describing him as a troll, he has his criticisms but he can answer for himself."

Viewers went into meltdown on Twitter after the tense moment.

They found the on-air moment hilarious as one said: "Susanna Reid got very offended about Piers Morgan being called a troll", with a laughing emoji.

While another wrote: "Hahaha! "No offence, but he's (Piers Morgan) been one of the biggest trolls." OMG, I'm still wiping the coffee off my bed!"

"Ayesha wins when she called Piers a troll", added a third.

Susanna has continued to defend Meghan Markle during episodes of GMB as her co-star Piers regularly criticises her during the show.

Earlier this week, Reid branded Piers 'obsessed' with Meghan and Harry and many viewers agreed with her.

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