Teen Mom Amber Portwood screams she's 'f***ing finished' with trolls calling her a 'bad mom' & can 'kick their a**'

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood screamed she's "f***ing finished" with trolls calling her a "bad mom" and further said she can "kick their a**."

She also received backlash when she called her a good mom during the latest Teen Mom OG episode.

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It seems like fans really pushed Amber, 30, over the edge when she decided to hop on Instagram Live for a chat.

As she was talking to fans, a couple of trolls sent her some messages that made her snap.

One troll had written: "She couldn't even take care of her kids – her dog is lucky!"

A second one commented: "How about you get off your couch instead of singing?"

And a third one shared: "How about you talk to your daughter instead of us?"

These three comments sent the Teen Mom OG star into a rage as she began to rant in a video grabbed by fan account Teen Mom Chatter: "Maybe I have one or two days out of the week when I'm not on this motherf**king couch.

"So when I'm on this f**king couch and I sit down on this couch and talk to you guys. And when I do, it's either in the motherf**king morning or at night. I wonder why the f**k that is."

She continued her rant as she slammed Gen Z for "being dumb as s**t," further claiming she didn't "give a s**t."

As she continued to read the comments, she told those trolls: "I'm f**king finished with this.

"Get off your motherf**king couch and come here and say something to me. I'm f**king finished. I'm on probation, the f**k?

"What the f**k does karate mean? It means I can kick your f**king a**. My leg can go to your f**king head and spin at the same time. The f**k you mean?

"I'm f**king done, I'm not doing this."

This was certainly not the first time that fans had slammed her for calling herself a good mom.

They had done so last week when Teen Mom OG aired and she gave fans a look at her therapy session, where she called herself a "good mom" multiple times.

She had sadly broken plans with her 12-year-old daughter, Leah, because her dog was sick.

As the episode aired, Teen Mom OG fans took to social media to criticize her, with one fan saying: "I barely consider Amber a 'mom' let alone a 'good mom.'"

And a second one tweeted: "Amber thinks she’s a good mom."

Despite being dubbed as a bad mom, Amber is trying to spend more time with Leah, whom she shares with ex Gary Shirley, and her two-year-old son James, whom she had with ex Andrew Glennon.

During an interview with Us Weekly, the Teen Mom star was asked if she’d ever want to have more kids in the future, despite currently being embroiled in custody battles.

Looking ahead, Amber shared: “If I found the right person that educated himself a bit on a few things, yeah I would definitely want more kids. I do want another child.” 

As of right now, though, she said kids aren’t in her immediate future because she really has to find a guy who can be a true partner for her first.

Amber added that if “there’s somebody out there who can understand and just be educated on a few things, then, yes, I would” have more kids. 

Of the qualities she’s searching for, she revealed she needs someone who is “very empathic, good energy, [and] soulful. 

The reality star continued that she wants a “man who is a caregiver, just like me, and wants to take care of people, just as much as I like to take care of others, it has to be mutual.” 

Amber recently claimed her he told her "you miss Big Daddy" and "made her lie on top of him."

As for Amber and Andrew, the two were encouraged to resolve their issues out of court as she demands to spend more time with her young son, a source told The Sun.

A source close to Amber recently told The Sun she is “really hurt” over the amount of time she has lost with her youngest child. 

The insider said: “Amber has to drive four hours in one day to see him. She has lost so much time with him. She sees him three days a week.”

Andrew filed for primary custody of James after Amber was arrested for domestic violence against the cinematographer in July 2019. 

She remains on probation from the arrest. 

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