Teen Mom Briana DeJesus shades enemy Kailyn Lowry by supporting co-star's ex-friend Mark and joining his Instagram live

TEEN Mom Briana DeJesus shaded her enemy Kailyn Lowry when she showed support for the co-star's ex-friend Mark and joined his Instagram live.

Mark recently slammed Kailyn as a “liar” and “disrespectful” after she bashed him on her podcast. 

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared a screen grab from Mark's Instagram live.

Briana seemed to share advice with Mark on reconciling with Kailyn sharing: "Give it one more chance, I'm sure she'll be down to sit and talk. Wish you nothing but the bit. "

In another comment she shared: "I'm tryna do the same Mark, but these people are coming for me. Any advice?"

Back in May Kailyn said on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast her friend was “so mad” at her for agreeing to go on a day trip for his 30th birthday instead of for the entire week. 

The MTV star told Vee: “Personally, we only live two hours from there. For us it’s a day trip or a weekend trip.

"He also lives in PA and wanted to do the week there and saying this is how much it will be, this is the house, I said, ‘I love you to death and I will make the day trip with the kids, but I said, unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me to go to for the week.’ And I know they were really upset."

But in an exclusive interview with The Sun yesterday Mark claimed his friend of over 15 years “lied” on her podcast over the birthday getaway. 

He said: “I have been through the good and the bad times and experienced those times with her. I have seen so many people come in and out of her life. I accepted and dealt with a lot. 

“In this situation here, it became to a point where she began to disrespect me. Once you disrespect me, I’m not going to tolerate it or deal with that. Now I am experiencing things where she’s lying about certain things that happened and that’s one of my pet peeves. I am not going to deal with that.”

Yesterday, Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Kailyn Lowry for not filming amid her arrest after her fight with ex Chris Lopez.

Last week, Briana DeJesus claimed on her Instagram Story: "Kail doesn't want to film about breaking and entering into Chris momma house and beating him for cutting his child's hair."

Kailyn was arrested for "punching" Chris "several times with a closed fist" over their oldest son's haircut on September 26 for offensive touching, though she denied the fight turned physical to police.

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