Teen Mom Rachel Beaver SLAMMED for letting her daughter Hazelee, 2, call her boyfriend of one month 'dad'

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver was SLAMMED for letting her two-year-old daughter Hazelee call her boyfriend “dad.”

The 19-year-old said she’s only been dating Noah for about a month during Tuesday’s episode of the MTV show.

During the latest episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Rachel drove in a car with Hazelee and Noah as she said in a voiceover: “Noah and I have only been dating for a month now.

“I know I need to be careful about bring Hazelee around new guys in my life, but he’s already gotten really close to her.”

After stating that Hazelee’s father, Drew Brooks, is “locked up,” she added that he “barely” saw their daughter when he was out of jail.

While Noah cuddled with Hazelee, he joked that the two-year-old likes him better than Rachel.

The young mother responded: “At night after she eats dinner and we’re gonna rock her to sleep she always wants you.

“She’s so obsessed with you and that’s what worries me because it’s been a long time since she’s been really involved with somebody.”


In a confessional, Rachel detailed Hazelee’s “really close” bond with Noah.

The MTV star admitted: “She started calling him, ‘Daddy.’

“If Noah and Drew were in a room right now, she would so go to Noah. She does not know Drew.”

The Teen Mom Instagram account shared the scene, while many fans rushed to the comments section to slam Rachel for allowing her daughter to call her new boyfriend “Daddy.”


One person wrote: “Woa Woa. Not letting the baby call him Daddy. Nope. Way too soon for all that.”

Another added: “These young mothers need to be more smarter bringing different boys around their children.”

A third chimed in: “This is how many different guys have been around this baby in her short life? It's so wrong, you don't bring a new guy around your child until you know the relationship is serious. Serious doesn't happen in a month or two.”


While one Instagram user called Rachel a “hot mess,” another wrote: “That poor baby don’t know who her daddy is atp.”

The backlash continued as a following person commented: “Omg! Calling him daddy! Wtf?”

Rachel made it clear she wasn’t happy with her portrayal in the new episode.

While taking to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, the Teen Mom star wrote: “When ‘reality’ is straying further and further away from your actual reality. I literally feel used right now.”

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