Teen Mom star Jo Rivera & wife Vee reveal their stunning new remodeled bathroom with new vanity and champagne finishes

TEEN Mom star Jo Rivera and his wife Vee revealed their stunning new remodeled bathroom with a new vanity and champagne finishes.

Kail's baby daddy has seemingly jumped on the same wagon as her as the mom of four gets ready to build her own home in a recently purchased plot of land.

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Vee, 29, took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off the finished product of her bathroom remodeling.

Along with a video that showed the before and after, the mom of one shared: "FULL BATH REMODEL.

"We recently remodeled both of our bathrooms, but this was the one that took the cake as far as transformation goes!

"We added a new vanity, I also replaced the knobs, light fixture, towel holder, etc with champagne bronze finishes rather than black."

She continued detailing the updates: "Also, got to paint the tile & bathtub white so everything looks brand new and not blue & green anymore!

"AND the tiles on the floor were traded in for vinyl flooring that resembles wood, it’s my absolute favorite! OH AND PAINT!!!"

She finished off her post by interacting with her followers as she asked them: "Do you guys have any remodels going on in your home? Tell me about it!!"

Kailyn, who shares Isaac with Jo, recently revealed in her podcast with Vee that she and Jo tried to set her up with a B-list celebrity.

Jo's baby mamas had been discussing red flags yesterday and towards the end of the show, Kailyn asked Vee to alert her to "anymore red flags I need to look for."

"Yeah let's help Kail – we should help her find a man," Vee said before Kailyn added: "Or a woman."

"Jo was like we should help her look up like a low, B-list celebrity for Kail to – " Vee began before Kailyn cut her off laughing: "A B-list celebrity? Goodbye!"

Vee continued: "[Jo's] like 'we gotta find somebody for her.' I'm like 'you're so adamant about finding someone for Kail' and he's like 'I just don't want her to be lonely.'"

However, the Teen Mom 2 star insisted that she loved being by herself, even though Vee added that Joe said she wouldn't feel that way for long.

"He's like 'what's going to happen once the kids are grown? She's going to need someone,'" Vee added as Kailyn agreed that was "true."

"I'm going to be there adopting more kids – foster parenting or something," Kailyn quipped.

"Me and Joe are going to be traveling and we're just going to bring her like a third wheel on vacations," Vee joked.

Jo tied the knot with Vee back in 2018 and the two share one daughter.

On the other hand, Jo and Kailyn share Isaac, whom they had when they were in high school.

Kailyn is also mom to Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.


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