The Apprentice finalist Kathryn Burn shares sweet messages from past candidates

The Apprentice star Kathryn Burn has narrowly missed out on becoming Lord Sugar's next business partner, following a tense final task in the last episode of the series.

Both she and fellow candidate Harpreet Kaur were tasked with developing their businesses, with a little help from their fellow candidates in the series.

Despite working hard to secure Lord Sugar's investment for her pajama business, Lord Sugar made the decision to hire dessert company owner Harpreet as his next business partner instead.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press ahead of the final, Kathryn has since revealed that she received sweet messages of support from past Apprentice candidates throughout the series – and the celebrity family she would love to see wear her pajamas.

Looking back on the impact that her appearance on the series has had on her life, Kathryn revealed: "My Instagram has just gone absolutely crazy. I had 2000 followers before and now it's like 58,000.

"I get hundreds of messages a day and it's so amazing to have people you don't know reach out and send such kind messages – and I do read through them all. It's been really nice.

"I'm pleased with how I've come across. It's a true representation of myself and how I am as a person. People obviously love it and that makes me happy."

Some of the viewers to send messages have been none other than past candidates and although Kathryn did not reveal who had sent the messages, she shared her love for the kind words they had sent.

"Mostly it has just been past candidates showing their support, which has been really really lovely," said Kathryn.

"Mostly candidates saying 'you're doing a really great job' or 'good luck', or 'I'm rooting for you'. I've had some really lovely messages."

The final episode saw Kathryn work alongside Amy Anzel, Harry Mahmood, Akeem Bundu-Kamara and Stephanie Afflek to develop her pajama brand and despite not winning the investment, Kathryn said she would not change anything about the experience.

"I loved the final. There was a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, but the final, that task is all about what I do for a living and what I love and what I'm passionate about. To have a task that is built around what I love to do and your expertise was amazing."

Saying that the entire process is "a lot lot harder in person," she added: "I'm really proud I got to the final and Lord Sugar chose Harpreet as he obviously thought that she was the right business person for him. That's absolutely fine.

"I wouldn't change anything. I'm really proud of my performance in the final and even throughout the process, even though I didn't win a lot of tasks, maybe if I'd changed something I wouldn't have been in the final."

Kathryn also revealed her shock at reaching the final after losing eight of the ten tasks that she had worked on throughout the series, including one of her personal highlights as Project Manager during the Wales tourist attraction challenge.

"I was in the bottom three quite a few times and I was in the board room a lot. Our team lost eight out of ten tasks.

"Every time you lose a task you're constantly thinking you could be going this week. After all of those weeks, and they drill right down into what you did wrong.

"The boardroom is a lot longer than what you see on TV. Everything is spoken about. Everytime I was taken into the bottom three, it was really stressful. It wasn't enjoyable.

"To then get to the final after thinking I was going to get fired, was just incredible."

She added: "I guess when I first applied, I'd watched previous series and I always thought I can do that. I definitely thought I was capable, but obviously going through the process there were times I thought I was going to get fired.

"To be in the final as the runner, I am just really proud of myself."

Despite not winning she also praised Harpreet for becoming Lord Sugar's next business partner, saying: "We were just so proud of each other and we were just buzzing that we were in it together. We become close early on in the process.

"To be in the final with my closest friend in the process was honestly amazing. It was really special."

Looking ahead to the future, Kathryn is now focusing on securing investment for her pajama company and growing her business, but revealed some of the celebrities that she would love to see wearing her products in the future.

"I'm obsessed with Marvin and Rochelle Humes. I will get them into my pajamas. I love them – I think they're the most beautiful, beautiful family.

"They're so well respected, they've got the most gorgeous kids. I will try and get them in my everyday pajamas."

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