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THE Big Bang Theory fans have spotted a mistake in Sheldon and Howard's engineering quiz.

The popular sitcom was on air for 12 years between 2007-2019 and some of the show's most passionate fans have been looking back at some glaring errors.

The long-running comedy was praised for its portrayal of scientists and geek culture and the ability to bring both to life in a fun and and exciting way.

However, just like many other shows, The Big Bang Theory was no stranger to some mishaps and blunders.

During season eight, episode two, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) started to get too big for his boots when he was given a junior professor job by the university and put in charge of teaching graduate students.

His friend and co-star Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) specialised in engineering and offered to teach his class, but Sheldon thought he wasn't clever enough to teach his favourite subject – physics.

Therefore, keen to prove his buddy wrong, Howard tested Sheldon with some quick-fire questions.

Unfortunately, one studious viewer has noticed a pretty glaring error with one of Sheldon’s answers.

One fan mentioned in an online forum: “When Howard is asking Sheldon engineering questions, the first question is ‘How do you quantify the strength of materials?’

"Sheldon answers ‘Young's Modulus’, and Howard admits that is correct."

They continued: “But it's not correct – Young's Modulus quantifies a material's elasticity, not strength.”

While this is a rather minor criticism of the scene, a quick check on Google will tell you that the fan is indeed correct.

Considering the post received plenty of upvotes, clearly plenty of other viewers were in agreement.

Some other fans pointed out the three questions Howard posed to Sheldon were rather basic and should have been easy to answer for someone who studied science.

When the clip of the scene was uploaded to YouTube, one fan commented: “This part was so dumb. They made Howard ask the most basic engineering questions to Sheldon.

"Even I knew two of them and I learned about Young's Modulus and stuff when I was in high school.”

And another fan added: “What I don't get is why Howard never offers a practical challenge to Sheldon? Sheldon is brilliant but only in theory.

"As we may recall, he doesn't even know how to open a toolbox.”

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