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THE big launch of Disney+ this week may well have propped itself up on a huge back catalogue of Pixar, Marvel and Simpsons. But as the House of Mouse knows only too well, that means little if you’ve got nothing original to keep people coming back.

The Mandalorian promised all of this and despite an incredibly frustrating release schedule, largely delivers.

The Mandalorian is the name of a mysterious bounty hunter, with similar armour to Boba Fett, played by Game Of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal.

He’s the epitome of understated cool – a lonesome cowboy wandering the lawless and slightly anarchic world set five years after the events of Return Of The Jedi. The Empire are done with, but the First Order have yet to make an impression.

He never removes his mask and rarely speaks, but in this world, he doesn’t need to much. He’s a dusty, world-weary cowboy just trying to get by – and woe betide you if you’re in his way.

The obviously frustrating thing about The Mandalorian for UK viewers is we are five months behind the US – and still only being drip-fed episodes on a weekly basis. There are no surprises in store for us until we’ve caught up.

The big reveal of the series – “The Child” or Baby Yoda, has already become the most meme-able TV character since Jon Snow came back from the dead.

So while we’ve seen them “giffed” into oblivion already, the floating pram following our Mandalorian around the various dusty vistas gives us some of the best sci-fi visuals since Luke first gazed on the binary sunset.

It takes a little while to settle in to the concept of Star Wars as a weekly TV show, but once you’re in – it’s a real treat.

The universe-building of Episode One gives way to a self-contained thieving Jawa story and the whole thing looks and feels so damned cool, it’ll suck you into the world all over again.

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