The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda: The Child’s SHOCK connection to Star Wars The Phantom Menace?

Today Disney+ UK launches and Star Wars fans are finally able to watch The Mandalorian after an almost half year wait. The first episode introduced The Child, a 50-year-old infant of the same species as Yoda. Fans will know the species has never been named and at this point in the timeline, after Return of the Jedi, this “Baby Yoda” is the last of its kind.

But who abandoned it before The Mandalorian came across it? 

And who are and where are The Child’s parents?

Well, there could be a big clue way back in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. 

The prequel trilogy movie is set around 42 years before The Mandalorian takes place.


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And aside from Master Yoda at the Jedi council, there is a female of his species there.

Her name was Yaddle, a member of the Jedi High Council.

The Force-sensitive being was in the scene where Qui-Gun Jinn brought Anakin Skywalker to the Jedi Temple to meet Yaddle and the other Jedi.

She was 477 years old at the time and could well be the mother of The Child.

Perhaps even Yoda is the father, but maybe there are more of their species out there in the galaxy?

Of course, little is still known of Yaddle herself considering she disappeared from official Star Wars canon after The Phantom Menace and was never mentioned again in the films.

In fact, she was killed off in the unofficial expanded universe, but that doesn’t count in the main timeline.

Interestingly, Screen Rant point out she was briefly mentioned in the canon Star Wars video game Jedi: Fallen Order.

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This could suggest that she survived Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66 to purge the galaxy of the Jedi, just like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

However, the official Darth Vader comics by Charles Soule appears to allude to Yaddle having been murdered by the Sith Lord.

After all, Darth Vader has visions of Jedi Masters of the Republic that include her, and he insists all the individuals mentioned are dead. 

Of course, he could be mistaken and Yaddle may have outlived Yoda, who died in Return of the Jedi, a decade before The Mandalorian is set.

Maybe this prequel trilogy side character is about to become a lot more important in The Mandalorian’s storyline.

We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up and was actually The Child’s mother or guardian.

It would certainly make sense for her to protect the last of their species during the dark days of the Empire.

The Mandalorian’s first two episodes are currently streaming on Disney+ UK now.

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