'The Office': Jenna Fischer Made a Documentary of the Making of an Episode and It's on YouTube

The sitcom successfully used the format of a documentary. But there is a real one out there about one episode of The Office. That’s all thanks to Jenna Fischer who made one while making the episode, “Booze Cruise” and it’s on YouTube. Find out what she said about filming people while working.

‘The Office’ stars found out they were series regulars while filming “Booze Cruise”

Office Ladies covered the episode “Booze Cruise” and noted it was the first one to air on Thursday night. Co-host, Angela Kinsey and other stars also became series regulars during this episode.

“It was such an exciting time, Jenna,” said the actress. “Because like our agents called us and said, ‘Hey, they want to make you series regulars.’ We were all so, so excited. It also meant that maybe we wouldn’t get fired.”

She remembered the moment it happened. “We were on the boat when we got the call saying that NBC would like for you to be series regulars and you’re gonna have like an extended contract. You’re not going to be a week to week day player,” said Kinsey.

Kinsey said she asked Oscar Nuñez, who played Oscar Martinez, to take a picture of her and Fischer to remember the moment. She still has that picture.

“You and I look insane,” said Kinsey. That’s because they were captured while they jumped in the air holding hands.

Jenna Fischer made a documentary of the episode

“I had a little camcorder and I filmed all of us behind the scenes. A documentary of “Booze Cruise,” which you can find on YouTube,” Fischer said. “It’ll pop up. It’s amazing. I interviewed crew members. I asked them what they did.”

The actress talked about how the experience of being on the boat changed for them. “You see us all getting on the boat and we’re like ‘Yeah, the booze cruise!” said Fischer. However, their cheers that same night wasn’t as loud. “By the third night no one will speak to me,” Fischer said laughing. “But you definitely see the progression.”

Kinsey said, “I watched the whole thing and it just made me smile. I just-man, it brought me right back. We also looked 12 years old.”

The documentary is still available

The video is only eight minutes long. The actress is seen asking multiple people what their job is and what makes working on the boat different from their other episodes.

It also shows the cast getting ready to film scenes. Fischer is given her props, which includes Pam’s engagement ring. “I’d like to show this stunner,” said Fischer. She then said, “This ring is real gold and real diamonds. And I believe that it cost about $80.”

Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson are also filmed having a staring contest. The cast members also talk about taking Dramamine and wearing bracelets to avoid sea sickness.

The cast definitely don’t make it sound like working on a boat is easy. At least, fans got a funny short documentary out of it.

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