The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick on moment he heard beloved dogs bones break

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick on saving his dog’s life in 2020

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Fans of The Supervet will know Noel Fitzpatrick dotes on his two beloved pets, Maine Coon cat Ricochet and Border terrier Keira. However, last year Noel was devastated when his 13-year-old canine was hit by a van outside his practice. In a recent interview, the Channel 4 vet opened up on the horrific incident and his mission to save his dog. 

Noel had to perform one of the most important surgeries in his life when Keira was hit by a speeding van.

Recalling the awful moment, he said: “I heard the cracking and ripping of bones breaking and flesh tearing as she screamed. I screamed. 

“I thought the tyre had driven over her back end and she was dead.”

The Supervet is known for finding solutions to the most puzzling of veterinary problems.

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However, he initially feared Keira may be too injured to be saved. 

In the 16th season of The Supervet which aired earlier this year, Noel battled to save his beloved pet.

Keira sustained a ruptured abdominal lining and urinary bladder, a crushed sacrum and pelvis, and a dislocated hip. 

The vet shared how difficult it was performing such high-risk surgery on his companion. 

He told News Letter: “You don’t compartmentalise [while operating] to be the client, to be the parent of the animal is a new experience for me. 

“I feel the shoe on the other foot, desperately worried about the animal you love and that is an integral member of your family.”

The 13-year-old terrier was hit by a van back in October 2020. 

Noel shared the news on his social media before issuing an update on her condition at a later date. 

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He wrote: “Three weeks ago my little girl, Keira, was hit by a van.

“She has been in a critical state and the fear of losing her has been overwhelming.

“Her outlook remains unknown. I hope and keep the faith that she will be OK.”

“I’ll bring an update when the time is right. Thank you for caring,” Noel said. 

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He later posted: “She’s slower and more cautious now, as you would expect from what she’s been through in the past few months.

“She bears some scars of her trauma but her tail still wags with excitement when I come back into the office after every surgery.

“And she finds the opportunity for love and cuddles everywhere.”

The Supervet is available to watch on All4.

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