The Truth About Temptation Island’s Alexcys Homan

Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland’s experiences on Temptation Island have been vastly different since they entered their respective villas. And the one person really coming between them? Alexcys Homan, a 23-year-old self-proclaimed “party girl,” via her USA cast bio, who has been bumping and grinding on Kendal since day one. But things have only gotten steamier between the two and by the fourth bonfire, Erica is forced to watch a clip of Kendal and Alexcys in bed, seemingly about to have sex. Talk about torture! To be fair, the couple didn’t have any rules going into the game, so Kendal was free to hookup with Alexcys. Still, Erica did say early on that Kendal was “unfair” to her in their relationship. 

At the very first bonfire, Erica had to watch a clip of Alexcys dancing with Kendal and hearing her boyfriend say that he was looking to see if he could find someone to communicate with “better.” So the hookup between him and Alexcys might not have been a total shocker, but it cannot have been in easy. Per Us Weekly, Erica says in her confessional after watching the night cam footage of her boyfriend and Alexcys in bed that wanted to “nip” the relationship in the bud sooner rather than later. Alexcys isn’t too torn up about coming between the two lovebirds. It’s the name of the Temptation Island game right? Here’s everything we know about Alexcys, the woman who might break up Erica and Kendal for good. 

Alexcys Homan thinks she found love on Temptation Island

While Erica Washington is left to tend to a broken heart on Temptation Island Season 6, Alexcys Homan was excited about the prospect of finding a connection — both physical and emotional — with Kendal Kirkland. She says in a confessional after their night together (per Us Weekly), “This is something I always dreamed about but never expected it would happen to me. I really believe that he wants to leave here with someone better than who he has now. And that’s me. That makes me really happy because I really like Kendal. He’s great.”

While it might be sad for Erica, the whole point of Temptation Island is for couples to examine what they really want away from their partners and for some singles to shoot their shot. Alexcys, who lives in California, says in her cast bio that she’s been single for four years and that she’s looking for “a meaningful relationship” and that she “refuses to settle for less than she deserves.” That might be what she’s getting from Kendal, a fitness instructor with his own business, who came onto the show worried that Erica might not be able to keep up with him professionally. Funny enough, both Alexcys and Erica have the same job: personal assistant. But Alexcys says that she works at Warner Bros., probably assisting celebs on set. Being from San Diego, Erica might not have the same opportunities as Alexcys, who lives in Los Angeles. 

Alexcys Homan has ghosted her social media accounts

Sadly, there’s not a lot of information out there about Alexcys Homan from Temptation Island. While she has every social media account possible, many of them haven’t been updated in years. Her Instagram is private and she hasn’t tweeted since 2018. So, it’s hard to know what more she has to offer other than what she says and does on the show. And on the show, she is mostly about just about Kendal Kirkland and showing him a good time. When the guys hosted a talent show for their single ladies, Alexcys admitted to not having any particularly special talent that she wanted to show off. Instead, she walked up to Kendal and kissed him for a long, long time. Almost everyone was shocked that she was so brazen, but if you’ve been keeping your eye on Alexcys this season, it’s clear that she’s been motivated to walk off that island with Kendal on her arm. Erica Washington is not going to be happy about any of it, but maybe it’s all for the best. 

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