The Walking Dead finally reveals where Maggie has been as she faces off against terrifying new group

THE Walking Dead has finally confirmed the whereabouts of Maggie as she went face to face with a terrifying new group.

The newest episode of the spooky drama has now hit screens and viewers have seen the former Hilltop leader for the first time since her exit in season nine.

At the start of the episode, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) sets off on a quest to find her son Hershel and other survivors after their community was attacked.

Maggie informed Daryl (Norman Reedus) she was assisting Georgie with her community outreach plan.

After lending their services to various different groups, the pair settled in Knoxville, before going their separate ways.

She decided to take Hershel to her grandmother's beach house, before meeting a new group of people, who were promptly attacked by a new deadly group: The Reapers.

The newcomers are violet and ruthhless, as illustrated by their unprovoked and senseless attack.

It is currently unknown what The Reapers' endgame is, but clearly it's a matter of life or death, as Maggie and Daryl tracked down one of them, only for them to blow themselves up to avoid interrogation.

Maggie revealed she would have returned home sooner if it wasn't for Negan, who is alive despite what he did to Glenn.

She has yet to give too much away, but it is likely fans will know more about what Maggie encountered during her time away, as she adjusts to the changes that have occurred in Alexandria in her absence.

With The Whisperers out of the way, it certainly looks like The Reapers are the news baddies on the block.

It was announced back in December that The Walking Dead's extended tenth season would take on a brand new format.

The new episodes will take the form of standalone stories delving into various characters' pasts.

These flashbacks aim to flesh out some of the franchise's most prominent characters, who previously may not have been in focus.

Executive Producer Scott Gimple said that while the bridge picks up "in the aftermath of 10A and 10B" and "is part of that story," the new format was in fact inspired by spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC and is available on FOX in the UK.

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